Wednesday, 1 August 2012

happy days

this last few days I have been busy around the house.All those cleaning jobs I dont like doing.But there you are I cant live in a grubby place either. Lovely Brian has been busy as usual,(I can always find him things to do]This week he has been laying carpet.His house jobs have finished for a few weeks,he wants to work on his motorbike. Remember the tiny charm pack I had as a free gift from Fat Quarter shop,well I made a nice pocket for my ereader,I love the colours.I just wanted a pocket,no flaps or fasteners.
The charm pack and panel I won in a give away a few weeks ago,have been stitched into a quilt top,need to decide what colour to put on the back.
Block 1 and 2 of the Fat Quarter shop BOM,I really love these fabrics.
A while ago ,I saw penny rugs on Wendys blog Charlottes Webb.Now I had never heard of penny rugs,and Wendy very kindly told me a little about them.I love to try new things,I really love old techniques,its all part of our history,orin the case of penny rugs,Americas history.We shouldnt lose these lovely old customs.Well since then I have had a good look on the web and read a bit mor about these tiny quilts.They are gorgeous.I have started one,can you guess what its going to be haha more later.
I am quilting[I use that term loosely]the yellow and blue quilt,I have put orange on the back.Will post a photo when finished. All for now,that Lilly is scratching the door.time to go out. laura xx
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