Tuesday, 7 August 2012

penny rugs

I have finined making my very first penny rug,and really enjoyed it.They are lovely to make,felt is great to work with.I hope my friend likes it.
Its 16 inches across,just a nice size.
did anyone quess it was hens and chicks?... Started to cut out the next one,this ones for me.
My daughter phoned me this morning,they are safe in England,(at Tonys brothers in Milton Keynes)and I will see her on Friday. She will be spending a few days with us next week.I am hoping I will be able to take her to The Festival of Quilts next week,that would be just fantastic,as I havnt been since they went to live in Australia almost 5 years ago. But mostly just want a little time with Nicky and Natalie my younger daughter.Having my two lovely girls together ...sounds wonderful to me. Have a good day. love Laura xx
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