Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hi there,Nicky and I managed to get to the NEC to the festival of quilts.We had a lovely day.I took hundreds of photos,and will put a few on in the next few days. I finished this Santa penny rug,and Nicky is taking it back to Australia along with the chicken one that was meant for my friend.She fell in love with them both.

This small quilt is has also gone back with her/
the close up fo the machine quilting is for Susie,as she said she would like to see it.

Now dont forget I am just learning this.....

I decided to make a box for my threads that were getting in a jumble,and to stop Lilly from running of with them.
2 mount boards and a yard of fabric(the only fabric I bought at the show)and a yard of lining.
I love making boxes,its the ony way to get exactly what you want.

When I make boxes for sewing items I always pad the lid,so I can use it as a pin cushion.

just the job,all my embroidery threads are save from that pup Lilly.

the finished box ,custom made just for me.

My darling daughter has now gone back to Australia,we did have 2 days with them.Not enought but better than nothing.
Roys funeral was actually really nice ,and a great celebration of his life.It was a beautiful sunny day.and all Tony and Steves friends attended,they all knew Roy very well from their childhoods spent with Tony and Steven.
I have not been on the seing machine this week(see I can do as I am told) and let me tell you its very hard.
I've done a bit of hand stitching,need to take pictures.
Betsy,s Closet in stitches finally arrived today,so I can start that now,that will keep me off the machine for a while.
The specialist was very pleased with my progress,and said it would be aching and painful for at least 6 months....great...4 months to go.dont think I can stay away from the machine that long.LOL
Will get the camera out and show what else I have been doing,I have cut out the bits for 2 mor Santa penny rugs,one for me and one for Natalie my younger daughter.
So goodnight and god bless Laura xx

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