Monday, 10 September 2012

a camping we shall go....

we had the most fantastic weekend in our tiny camper.We went with some friends to Lichfield,not far away from us.The weather was glorious.Our friends,Rob and Gaynor Walker have been caravaning for years,so gave us lots of tips.
This is the view from our back window.I love the English country side,and Autumn is my favourite Season.Everything is being gathered in and the roads are full of tractors going from field to field(it slows you down a bit,but we are not in a hurry)
On Saturday we went to Fradley Junction,I love canals,always have.
Its were two canals meet,The Trent and Mersey  Canal, meets The Coventry Canal.It was a very warm sunny day and there were lots of people enjoing what could be the last warm days of the late summer.

One of the Five locks at the junction.This part of the canel system was opened in 1790,and some of the buidings are grade A listed.
The barges were lining up to get through the locks.

This chap was a great character,he is a rope maker and lived on a barge.He sat on the canal bank making this huge  buffer.

Of course we had the pups with,and we met a family with 4 Lhaso's.My friends dog Izzy was OK,but you can see Lilly,wasn't happy at all got as far away as she could. Our dogs Izzy and Lilly are sisters,and they had a great weekend together.

My friend Gaynor.

Lilly had her hair cut last week,Izzy is between cuts.

all in all,we had a lovely relaxing weekend,looking forward to our next little trip.You dont have to travel far from home if you dont want to.The world we live in is beautiful all over.
Laura xx
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