Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lovely sunny Tuesday.

Hi friends,first I would like to thank my lovely friends who have removed that darn "word  verification"
It's going to make leaving comments a lot easier.Yesterday we collected the VW campervan we bought from our neighbours.
It's a lovely camper,our neighbours have looked after it with TLC.Its small ,only 2berth but just what we want for travelling this beautiful land we live in,and we can take the pup.
Dennis and Jean are both in their 80s now,and Dennis has knee trouble so they can't use their beloved camper.(he will probably look round the back of the garage to make sure we are looking after it)
I have taken pictures ,and will put them on later today.I am very excited about this camper,we have been looking around for a while now.
We are now off to the camping shop for a few bits of stuff.......
Photos later,love Laura.x

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