Thursday, 27 September 2012

turning cold

Brr the weather has gone very cold last couple of days.We had a nice day Sat,we went to Stratford for the weekend (with the camper)and we had a great time.Stratford is not far from us,only 40min in the car.There was a food festival on(just my kind of day.....)
We walked into Stratford from the camp site,and caught the little boat bus on the way back.It was so lovely along the river.

The river bus,from the camp site to Stratford.

I love water,canals, rivers ,and the sea.

food market  mmmmm

going back to the caravan park on the river bus,the sun was above me ,so pictures not brilliant.

Liily and Izzy were really well behaved on the little boat.Lilly is on the right with the pink bling,she is sitting on Bri's knee.

I did catch up with a few things this week,here is block 3 & 4 of the fat quarter shops mystery BOM,

Three more blocks from Betsys Closet.

I am doing a little more on the sewing machine now,as you know I have been trying to not use it ,to give the shoulder time to heal.I had another visit to the hospital this week ,that has caused me a lot of worry over the last few weeks. As you know ,our friend Roy passed away in July,Roy had cancer in his mouth,and after extensive surgery,still lost the battle.
Can you imagine what was going through my mind when the dentist referred me to the consultant.She did try to reasure me that it was nothing like that,but it did not help.
So, all I have is somethong called Lichen Planus ,very common not life threatening,caused my stress......and many other things can trigger it off.It a sort of inflammation in the mouth.( I only went for a clean and polish).
so all is well with me.

Thought I would share this last photo,couldnt find that Lilly.....

LILLY...that is my bed,not you'rs.

next post is my 100   look out for my giveaway.
till then love from me.xx

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