Monday, 29 October 2012


For all the people in the path of Sandy,I am sending hope and prayers for your safety.
I am very fortunate that I don't have this sort of weather here in UK.
My thoughts are with you.
Hugs Laura. Xxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

getting nippy here

The weather is changing fast here,getting colder .The clocks go back at the weekend,so dark early next week.
Last thursday when we took Lilly for her haircut,we found a lovely little craft farm ,and I bought these...

beautiful crystal,in red and gold.Lovely necklace to be made with these.

Finished this bit of red work,its going to be a table runner,with a couple of other peices.

all for now Love from me
Laura xx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

hi all

hello everyone,the weather here is not nice this week,damp foggy days.just the weather to stay at home and sew.

This is block 6 of Cotton Patch BOM.Dont look too close,but the handles on the baskets are my very fist attemp at needle turn applique.( hope you are looking Susie)A bit wobbly ,have to get a lot more practice in,because next month I will be getting my new BOM,from Fat Quarter shop.Its called pumpkinsville and I would love to needle turn applique it.

This is block 7.I usually take photo's at night,mistake,the lightings not good.This looks a bit wonky on here,its straight really.....
Started to knit an aran cardie for Bri.he still wears the one I made him in the 70,its very worn out but he loves it around the house.I managed to find the same pattern,can you beleive it.Vintage patterns on ebay.

I spend all this time knitting and he only wears them around the house,no way would he go out in a cardigan,men are strange creatures.

Block 5 from Fat Quarter Shop BOM,I love this bom,the colours are just delicious.
Well that me up to date,just finishing off some red work,and Betsys closet is pinned ready to quilt.
love from me xxx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Flower and Linen: Lucky Me

Flower and Linen: Lucky Me

Woohoo,managed to make a link to Susies blog.
Sent it 4times to the hexi blog,but got it here in the end...So if you would like to see Susies gifts from me in my give away,please pop over and have a look.
Hope you are having a good day,I'm going to make a few Christmas Cards now..
I will put some photos of my latest stitcheries (is that a word or have I just made it up )on tomorrow.
Love from me.xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lovely day

Hi everyone,it's a lovely day here in the UK.
Just a quick note to tell you that Susies parcel arrived safe in Australia.
I forgot to take pictures of the give away gifts before I wrapped them,so it you pop to Susies blog ,she has put pics of them on there.
Sorry I can't link.....can't do it,one of the things I really must learn...
Her blog is Flower and Linen.
By for now .xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

betsys closet

The top is complete,hopefully put it together soon.

not a very good picture,the lights not good today.
I have really enjoyed sewing this little quilt.I will post a picture when its quilted and bound.
Laura xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

last two

Brian is home from his travels,safe and sound,and as brown as a berry(and I am still lilly white).
I finished stitching the last two blocks of Betsys closet.

Really enjoyed stitching the blocks for this little quilt.
Here they all are,now to put them together.

All my squares are cut out,going to put it together during the week. love Laura xx

lovely weekend

We ave had a lovely weekend,sunny days ,its getting colder now though.
We took Lilly to the park,Coombe Abbey,local to us a lovely place to visit( spent many happy hours there when the girls were little)Lilly had a great time.

This is the Abbey,its been used for many things over the last 500 years or more,now its a hotel. The gronds are beautiful.

There were hundreds of birds on the lake yesterday,swans geese ducks and even seagulls,Lilly was very interested.......

We had a lovely walk,this monk has been here for a long time,there are a few sculptures around the park,its a nice way to use a dead tree.He's very tall,the tree was never taken from the ground,he is carved into it.

Love the Redwoods,

A lot of these running around.

The pets graves are still there under the trees.

On the way back to the car we spotted a rainbow,can you see it?

A lovely couple of hours spent with my lovely hubby and our pooch.xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

busy days

Brian is in Spain with his biker pals,so a good opportunity to catch up with some jobs around the house,and some sewing.
I have finished another block of Betsys closet.
I changed the colours a bit on this one,and added some aqua.

I'm really into Red Work at the moment,and this snowman is going on a table stand.Got to decide what to edge it with now.

Penny rugs,just love them,using patterns at the minute ,but will design my own soon. The only problem with thes rugs...every time I make one for me,both my girls want one too.

They look a bit odd on this photo,but they are all the same size.

Block 4 and 5 of the cotton patch bom.

No 6, must cut it out soon ,before 7 arrives.

So you see I have been busy,but I will be glad when B gets home,I'm not a solitary girl and really hate being on my own.
He is due home later tonight.Lilly has missed him lots,shes been prowling round the house looking for him,she even went down to the garage a couple of times lol.
Laura xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

giveaway draw today

Its a glorious sunny day here .I made the draw this morning.
I popped all the names in a pot.

pulled one out,and the winner is.......
SUSIE   FLOWER AND LINEN.....hope you like your gifts Laura xx