Wednesday, 10 October 2012

busy days

Brian is in Spain with his biker pals,so a good opportunity to catch up with some jobs around the house,and some sewing.
I have finished another block of Betsys closet.
I changed the colours a bit on this one,and added some aqua.

I'm really into Red Work at the moment,and this snowman is going on a table stand.Got to decide what to edge it with now.

Penny rugs,just love them,using patterns at the minute ,but will design my own soon. The only problem with thes rugs...every time I make one for me,both my girls want one too.

They look a bit odd on this photo,but they are all the same size.

Block 4 and 5 of the cotton patch bom.

No 6, must cut it out soon ,before 7 arrives.

So you see I have been busy,but I will be glad when B gets home,I'm not a solitary girl and really hate being on my own.
He is due home later tonight.Lilly has missed him lots,shes been prowling round the house looking for him,she even went down to the garage a couple of times lol.
Laura xx
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