Monday, 19 November 2012


I have been craving this book for ages.Been watching this gorgeous quilt grow on several blogs,and really really ....I found it woohoo,for some reason,in the UK we have all these lovely books way after  Australia and America.
 Some kind of wonderful ,by Anni Downs.I bought a couple of other books too.Tis the season by Natalie Bird, (will make this next year now)and another Anni Downs called ,the simple life.

Ooooooi I am so excited,I really want to make this quilt(some kind of  wonderful)  When
I look at it,I think it truely is my life,for  I love ,shoes,bags ,cakes ,chocolate,my puppy .....and and and........
I think Anni designed this quilt with all us girls in mind.
It will be my challenge for next year,I am going to have a good attempt at needle turn appliqué (no kidding) with the exception of the tiny bit on a block last month,I have never done any before,its on my bucket list.

This is a Christmas present for my friend,so not showing more than this.

My birthday flowers are still looking good,over a week on.
Lilys are my favourite flower,closely followed by roses.

Birthday present from my very best friend Sue.lovely Apron and Christmas bauble.A verry pretty apron,thank you Sue.x

I know just where this is going.

Still busy knitting Santa,must get it finished soon,and ready to post.
Now ,I am off to have a good look at the lovely book, and make plans for the quilt.
till next time ,love from me.xx
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