Wednesday, 7 November 2012


It's a busy month for us,with Brian's birthday on 5th,mine on the 9th and our wedding anniversary on the 12th,it's one heck of a week.
This year it's 65 for Bri,64 for  me,and 35 years of wedded bliss,(and they said it wouldn't last)LOL
It's very chilly here now,frosty nights.
Our little pup was ten months old yesterday ,she's been with us for eight months,and has really taken over the household .
I have finished the top of my Christmas table runner,very happy with how it turned out,2of the stitcheries are from Bird Brain designs,and the other 2 from a book I have called Winter Twitterings.
Hoping to put batting and backing on this week.

Well I started writing this post on Saturday ...its now Wednesday will carry on lol.
Brian had a lovely birthday on Monday,we took the kids to the pub after school and had great food

Me and birthday boy,my great bloke is now 65 and officially a pensioner..Who would have thought it,how and when did we get to this age.....

My beautiful daughter Natalie,just hates having her picture taken and always looks away.

Bryce my grandson is more than happy to have his taken.

Jayda always pulls a funny face...
At the weekend I was busy making Christmas cards ,I have left it really late this year,they are usually ready to post by now.They had to be quilck and easy this year ,so its just print and mount.
Having trouble with my sewing machine ,needs servicing,also new computer for my birthday Bri...yes please.
How is it that everything plays up at the same time.....

Brians birthday card

inside his card

some of the Christmas cards

Well thats it for now,its taken me over an hour to do this ,computer now being put in the
hope the next post is on a nice new one,fingers crossed.
love from me
Laura xx


  1. Lots of happy's going on. Congrats to everyone. You have a very lovely family. Here's hoping you get your new computer - I personally think you deserve it!

  2. happy birthday to you and brain and happy 35 years

  3. Wow so much to celebrate how nice is that. The table runner looks fabulous.

  4. Well Happy Birthdays to my 2 Ancient friends!!! miss you lots xx

  5. Must get started on my Christmas cards too! Enjoyed yours!

  6. Wow! Happy Birthday to you both and Happy Anniversary too! 35 years is a wonderful achievement and you both sound still joyful about it all too (we will be celebrating our 10th Wedding anniversary in Jan and mum and dad just celebrated their 56th!). Those cards are just beautiful and I love your Xmas stitchery. I really wanted to do a table runner with those gorgeous stitcheries in the book I won for you and incorporate the charm pack too. I know have a better idea.......thank you and enjoy your week! Hopefully a new computer for you soon. (mine has been playing up terribly too!)

  7. HI! Laurajane, What a lovely week,Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to you both, Yes I wonder where the years go.I love your Christmas Cards all so different .I think your redwork Christmas embroidery will be lovely on display at Christmas.

  8. What a beautiful family you have! Happy Birthday and Anniversary (to your husband, as well!). I hope your family spoils you all month long :-)

    Your runner is beautiful, I love all the red stitching, it's so beautiful in a single color. Very festive!

  9. WOW so many celebrations all together! Sounds like our family. There is always a birthday or something coming up! LOL Hope all had a great one! and here's hoping that you got a new puter. If not now, maybe "Santa" will bring one. ***wink wink***
    lovely family and beautiful Christmas runner.

  10. Happy belated birthday to you Laurajane...hope Brian came through with your pressie ;) Well done on making a start on your Christmas cards...I haven't made a single one yet..eeek! Love your redwork!

  11. Happy birthday to your both and congrats on your 35 years! Lovely photo of you both. Your runner and cards are beautiful!