Monday, 31 December 2012

memory Monday

Lovely Donna from Brynwood is winding up her memory Monday for something new in 2013,so I thought I would start mine.I am hoping I can carry it through the year,we will see.
The first memory to share has to be my beautiful mum.Violet Evelyn Grooms.Born in 1912 my mum had a hard rd to travel.When she was 6 years old and her brother Joe was 4  both her parents passed away.Mum and Joe went to live with an aunt and uncle,and 4 cousins.My darling mum did not have a happy childhood,times were very hard in those days.Poor mum being the oldest was called upon to do most of the daily chores including looking after all the little ones.At age 14 she went into Service,it was for a Rector and his family,and was treated no better.
she married her first husband Reg Wykes when she was 19 years old,and had 3 children,my oldest brother Raymond and my 2 sisters Shiela and Maureen.
 When Mareen was only a few months old,Reg went to the dentist to have a tooth removed,and died by choking on a cotton wool swab.
5 years later,she met and married my darling dad Arthur Harris .They adored one another,and she always claimed he was the love of her life.She gave birth to me and my 2 younger brothers,John and Terrence. My dear parents had 22 very happy married years together.It was mum who taught us girls to sew knit chrochet and all the other things in between.
She never moaned about a thing,and always saw the good things in life,( was very fond of cream cakes).
She was only 57 years old when she died of a masive heart attack,and  I was just  turned 21.
I am now 64 years old ,and a day dosnt go by without a thought to my mum.
She never met my wonderful husband or my gorgeous girls and grandchildren.
Still remembered and always loved annd missed.

This was taken in 1947 when she met my dad.He carried this pictur in his wallet till the day he died,xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my dear blog friends.Hope you all have a happy peaceful time with your loved ones.
A very happy New Year to you all.
Laura xx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

a very foggy Tuesday

Well it's been a very cold week.On Monday and Tuesday we had a new boiler fitted,so no heating for 2 days.We have a gas fire,so wasn't too bad in the living room,but the rest of the house .....On Wednesday hooray....the plumbers finished and turned it on.....faulty.The engineer came out on Thursday and sorted it out.So at last we are nice and warm again.If its going to happen to anyone it's usually us...
Friday we helped our youngest daughter move house,oh I'm too old for this humping furniture about.
What a week.
I have been stitching ,these are the first 2 blocks of my pumpkin quilt.I decided I would try needle turn appliqué ,I wasn't sure and diddnt make up my mind untill I started to cut out the pieces .
So here they are stitched together.I really enjoyed making them,though it did take me a long time.

block 1

block 2

both together.

This is some pink I have started to cut for a friends granddaughter arriving in January.

Block 6.fat quarter shop mystery BOM.
all for now
Laura xx