Sunday, 29 April 2012

cold and wet Sunday

Last month we were in t.shirts,what a change .It is so cold and wet, just the day to stay home and sew.I have a poorly finger,I managed to cut a slice out of it with my rotory cutter.So I am going to sew today but very carefully. This is the rain on our kitchen roof,
I finished quilting the little quilt,I am very pleased with it,as you know I am a complete novice at this machine quilting lark.
I have cut and stitch,recut and stitched again thi s jelly roll I put on the last post.
So,you put 2 squares together stitch all round,cut on the diagonal both ways, press open.You now have 4 squares that you sew back together.
Of course you can put these together any way you like,I have put mine together with a tiny square in the middle.
Bright red for the back.
The Farmers Wife !!!I have had this book for about 2 years not and not found the courage to to start(so many block)I have decided I will start looking for fabric.
Finally ,My girls say this is me.......
Still got it,its just all a little bit lower.LOL till next time have a lovely P.S. I never seem to be able to line the pitures with the writing....xx

Monday, 23 April 2012


I have this lovely jelly roll,Christmas fabrics.I do like jellyrolls but never know what to do with them.I found this great pattern on utube,by Three Dudes,had fun with it.
I stitched 5 pieces together,then cut them( they have to be in squaires)
you put 2 squares together stitch all around the square,and cut diagonal. Cant wait to see what they will look like stitched. This next one is some fat quarters I bought a while ago.We have some pipework in the kitchen,that for some reason or another cant be moved,so I heve decided to hank a quilt over them.
Anyone who knows me,will know I have a BIG problem with machine quilting.Well I am still practising,I think I know where I have been going wrong.THis quilt will be quilted,I know its not the best, but finaly I am happy with it.
I will put a photo on when finished,it will be a while asI am taking my time and only doing a small bit at a time. see you very soon loads more to put on. ps No news of the surgery yet,so will keep on sewing. hugs Laura

Sunday, 8 April 2012

gifts from my best mate

My friend Sue sent me this lovely cushion,I cried when I read the verse.Sue and I go back many years,(over 30 years).We have done many things together.It broke my heart when she went to live in Canada,about 13 years ago. But you know what,miles cant separate friends,and we stay in touch. Thank you Sue for this lovely gift,Sue also sent me this cute bunny in a pin cushion swap.
As you can see ,the cushion goes very nicely on my bed.

finished things

I have completed my daughters quilt,
Nickys partner is in England visiting his parents,so he will take it back with him. I took the photo early morning,so the light does catch it a bit. the next pic is Nickys quilt and mine side by side(such a lot of the dreaded hand sewing)
The red quilt is one I was saving untill I could maching quilt.Change of plan.I have put it all together and it is also going to Australia with Tony. I am on a bit of a finishing spree at the moment,I am going into hospital some time in the next couple of months to have an Op on my shoulder.The specialist has told me that I wont be able to do much for a few months,then its loads of physio
the little blankets of love,for our local baby unit,I did the pink one ages ago ,and have now copleted the blue one,they are going to my friend next week( her daughter works in the baby unit)
Please dont look too close at this next one.I have been playing with a few ideas,and machine quilting(very badly) but my little Jayda(granddaughter)thinks its beautiful,so its off to her house so I dont have to look at it.
So I have had a busy weekend. Until next time,I hope you all had a joyful Easter.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


The postman has just knocked my door and given me a parcel from my best friend Sue.I have opened it and had a good cry. My best friest has sent me the most beautiful cushion cover,hand made by her,with a lovely verse stitched onto it. I am going out later to buy a cushion for it.I will post a picture later.Thank you so much Sue,I will treasure it forever. Xxx