Saturday, 5 January 2013

computer problems again grrr

This block is block 3 pumpkinsville.
Lilly under the Christmas tree...
My lovely granddaughter Jayda Alexia,they came Christmas Eve.
My gorgeous grandson Bryce Tyler
as soon as they come in the door,thats it Lilly just cant get enough of Bryce.
They love having their photo taken,unlike my daughter who hides when the camera comes out. well this has taken 1 hour 20 mins and now I have a headache. xxxlaura


  1. Cute grandkids! I'm like your daughter, I hide too, hate having my picture taken.
    I love those thick french doors in your house, just beautiful.
    Hope you get your computer sorted out soon.


  2. cute grandies,its a shame it took so long for you to make a post,hope it improves for you.xx

  3. Love your pumpkin block and cute photos of your grandkids and Lilly, hugs Wendy xx

  4. Cute block and cute kids! I don't have my picture taken either.