Monday, 7 January 2013

Memory Monday

It has to be my lovely dad this week,Arthur William Harris.Born in 1917,he was almost 5 years my mums junior.
Ha was born on The Isle of White,but spent his younger years in India where my granddad was serving in the Army.

In this picture is my Grandma Laura Jane(who I was named after)my dad standing and my Uncle George on grans lap.yes ,George is in a frock,thats how they dressed boys back then.
He's was a great character my dad,and everyone loved him.
He served with the Royal Artillery during WW2,and spent 5years in Burma and India,and said he saw such sights he never wanted to go abroad again.....nor did he.
He met and married my mum (a widow  with 3 children) and had 3more (he said he had to even up the score)
All the kids in our rd loved him,he would take my brothers and I on bike rides and all the children would follow.Up and down the rd,you could hear,mum,Arthur's going on a bike ride can we go with him.There would be 10 or 12 boys and girls all following dad,with our jam sandwiches and bottles of water.
I can remember screaming with laughter when he lost his false teeth in the sea.That particular joke was on us,it was in the 50s and he had a few teeth on a small plate.The plate was loose,and it was in the pocket of his shorts.....we were having a great time rolling in the waves looking for something that wasn't there.
I could go on and on.
He was a wonderful Dad  ,and we had a great childhood .We didn't have a lot of money,but plenty of love and good times.
Mum & Dad taken in Rhyl 1962. till next time. Laura xx
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