Monday, 14 January 2013

Memory Monday

I loved my teenage years,don't we all think our time was the best. I was a teen during the 60s,my parents Didn't know what had hit them. All that makeup ,my mum would say.....and skirts up to her backside....But mum everyone dresses like this,and our role models were Twiggy(Lesley Hornby)and the Shrimp (Jean Shrimpton). I loved The Beatles The Rolling Stones and many more(and still do) There was a disco on every corner in those days.Every pub had a dance floor. I didn't drink ,but loved to dance the night away.
Broad Heath Girls School,1964,its such a long time ago,but I can remember all their names, I am on the back row 2nd in from the right.How young we were and full of expectations. This next photo was taken at the bottom fo our garden.
from left to right is,Yvonne who lived next door,me in the middle and Joyce who lived 4 doors away. friends all our lives,grew up along side each other.Sadley Joyce is no longer with us ,she died 12 years ago .She battled breast cancer for best part of 20 years,having one breast removed in her late 30s.It got her in the end.Lets pray we can get shut of this terrible killer one day soon. My teenage years passed in a happy whirl,both Joyce and Yvonne married very young,both 19 when they got wed,I waited till I was 29. This next photo is a day out with friends.A coach trip to Blackpool I am 2nd from the left ,happy days.
the last 2 photo are with a bunch of friends ,this was taken in 1967 and I was 19 years old.
I am the one with long black hair...I have mousy brown hair,and dyed it black for years..Now im an old lady I have highlights......
The world seemed to explode in the 60s,people changed .The 50s was still in the aftermath of war.Young people wanted moer from life in the 60s,and some of them did very strange things. I am happy to say I was a ordinary girl with a good Christian upbringing.Very fortunate that I came from a loving family . I am really enjoying trawling through my albums ,walking down memory lane. have a good week everyone,stay safe. Laura xx
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