Thursday, 31 January 2013

Summertime quilt

Block 1, loved stitching this,I am very fond of felt,it's so easy to work with.
Here's block 2 on the way.cut out ready do glue down before stitching.
A couple of things in mind for the ! Christmas item a month group.....
I have stiched a couple more blocks of SKOW,they need pressing and a photo taken,will put them on next time. Have a good day everyone,stay safe. love from me.xx


  1. Your Summertime blocks look great, It will be a stunner. hugs

  2. I love felt..or wool projects. I have a pillow I bought at the Houston show..I think I will pull it out and start working on it :):) Hugs

  3. Laura i am loving your blocks,you have been working hard,well done.xx

  4. Very nice, love the felt, where did you get the felt from in the end?
    Hope your bumps and bruises have all healed by now xx

  5. The felt does look great too! I used a little occur felt recently on a gift for a friend. Was great to work with. Look forward to seeing yr skow blocks.

  6. Your blocks are beautiful, such pretty bright colours xx