Monday, 14 January 2013

we had snow but it didnt last long

Hi everyone,yes we did have a little snow,but it soon washed away.I have joined this group on Pins and Whiskers,its to make 1 item for Christmas month and show on 24th each month.Thing for gifts or whatever. My first item is Christmasy,I dont think they have to be,just items made for gifts to ease the work at Christmas.
This pattern is from Tis the Season ,I am making the tote bag.I am only loosely following the pattern. I have am inability to follow a pattern through,I just cant help it, always have to change something,or I get half way through and change my mind completely... So hers what I think I might do.
I stitched the hexis for the side strip.then thoght oh I think I will make it a little bigger,anyway I have the fabric layed out and hope to have it ready to show on the 24th. Made another block for my SKOW quilt.As I am using left over fabric from my mystery BOB,I have decided to complete all the blocks and the decide what to do with the boarder bits in between.
Also joined this,I love love love working with felt,and this is such a pretty pattern,just waiting for my black felt to arrive so I can get started.
Isnt it just yummy. my family friends in Australia,hoping you are all safe from these awful Fires. I know my daughter lives manny miles away from the fires,but Im a mum and I still worry. love Lou xxx
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