Monday, 18 February 2013

Memory Monday...Ray

As today is my darling brothers birthday,I thought I would dedicate this post to him. Raymond Whykes,my gorgeous big bro. his birthday card.

 We don't have many photos of Ray as a child,Mum was a widow with 3 kids,last thing on her mind was a camera. We do have a few  pics of him as a young man ,this first pic is Ray about 20 years old,at the coast.

 With one of his many beloved motorbikes.

 He went to art school for a short while,he had the idea in his head that he would be painting and drawing all day.Had a bit of a shock to find out other kinds of lessons were involved. So at 17 years he went into The Paras (The Parachute Regiment)and for a time served in the SAS.(Special Air Services) This was taken in the 50s when he was serving in Aden.

 He married Margaret and they have a daughter Amanda.

Ever the romantic,here he is with a picture of Margaret over his heart.

 As I said,Ray is an artist,and when he retired he turned his hand to cake making and decorating. Ray has a folder full of pictures,I only have this one,the last cake he made was this one for my youngest brothers wedding, 3 years ago.

He has suffered with Parkinsons for the last 4 years,so Terrys cake was a bit of a struggle.Determination made him finish bit.
We all went to Mandys for lunch yesterday to celebrate ,he is keeping well,gets very frustrated because he is unable to run around as he used to.Very upset because he can no longer drive and has to be collected.But you know, who minds,its our pleasure.

Ray with his cake,not sure what he's thinking..................

Me with Mandy ,Rays daughter.I do wish they wouldnt take my photo unawares,especially with my own camara....(my litt brother is the culprit)

Me and my baby brother Terry.
We had a lovey few hours together.
Happy Birthday darling Ray.
Hope we are all still here in 10 years to celebrate your 90th.
Laura xxx
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