Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spring is in the air

It's beautiful here today,the sky is blue and the sun is shining.Still cold,but that's OK. Took pup Lilly for a walk in the park and we saw these....snowdrops. Reminded me of a song I learned when I was in primary school 60years ago(Dosnt sound too bad when you say it fast lol) I wonder if any of you sang it.

 It's rather dark in the earth today
Said one little bulb to his brother
But I thought I heard a sunbeam say
You must strive and grow Till you find a way
 So they nestled close to each other
And they struggled and toiled Through day and night
Till two little snowdrops in green and white
 Came out of the darkness and into the light
 And Gently kissed one another

If I have any of the words wrong ,well it was a long time ago..... Got a few things on the go at the mo,another block from SKOW,ice cream .

 I have started tis the season,and yes I know it's Redwork,but Im doing mine blue . I have lots of red Christmas stuff,so thought I would have a change.

This came this morning,block 9 mystery Bom from fat quarter shop.

cant beleive its block 9 already,hope to have it finished and on my bed by summer.

this was going to be something else,but me being me changed my mind ,and stuffed it in with loads of other stuff.Found it at the weekend and thought I would make this instesd.So now its on my dining table....for now.

This last pic is of my fave flower,last week when I was a bit down,my friend bought me these to cheer me up.

all for now,stay safe everyone
love Laura.
have a lovely picture of Megan just arried on my phone,will post it here when I figure out how.
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