Friday, 8 March 2013

My gorgeous grandchildren.

Jayda and Bryce,love these kids with a passion .
Just playing around with pic collage,Ive had my ipad 18 months,and only just figured out how to put photos on my blog with it.My old laptop is ready for the bin,takes hours to transfer photos.
So now I know how to do it with my Ipad will all be fed up with me haha.That providing I don't forget by tomorrow...


  1. They are beautiful, I can tell you're a proud grand-mama! :-)

  2. gorgeous Grandies Laura and such lovely names,have heaps of fun with them.xx

  3. There will be no stopping you now :o) I love playing with my Ipad (when I g=can get it away from a child). Have you got Instagram yet? It is also a lot of fun :o) hugs xx

  4. Clever you! You'll have to join up's very addictive :)