Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Out and about in the snow.

End of March,goodness where are the days going.Yesterday we went to the camping shop we use,not far away only a few miles.Snow everywhere,now I know some of you get big snows,but we are just not used to it.We have had snow in March and April before now,but not like this.

Thousands of homes without power. Come on Spring,we are all ready and waiting. Have a good day friends.xx


  1. I know it must be tricky to live with but it does look very beautiful

  2. Brrr chilly, Our snow has just about gone (until the next big storm)We are headed for a lovely Easter weekend here. Where were you when you took the pics?

  3. We still have bits of snow on the ground and there is always at least one more big snowfall that comes in April. So looking forward to Spring!