Friday, 12 April 2013

A couple of finishes.

Finished tis the season quilt before the machine went to be serviced.

 The American Beauty is now finished.
I quilted it myself with a random squiggle,that's all I can do haha.Decided that its the first and last large quilt I will attempt to quilt.
The next one is definately going to the long arm quilter,very expensive but worth it for a good finish.

I chose this pink leaf spray fabric for the back.I will make pillow cases when my machine comes back.
Having withdrawal symptoms...won't be home untill next Thursday,I may go mad.....

Another block of Summertime,number 6.

Oh,this is the label I made for the back of the quilt,my photos have got out of order.
Plain label,just name and date.I don't know why I Diddnt do this before.I had labels made but wasn't really happy with them.It was hubby who said. Make them on that fancy machine of I did...oh I do miss my machine.

I o have a small machine,but I just can't get on with it.
Tonight I have been making something for the 1Christmas Item  a month group,can't reveal yet,have to wait untill 25 th.
All for now ,have a great weekend.xx


  1. such gorgeous work Laura,you have been very busy my friend,well done.xx

  2. Lovely finishes. good job on the big quilt, looks lovely!
    Tis the season is finished as well!
    I like the spray of flowers, I thinki'll make one for my tea room!

  3. Well done on your finishes. Hope you survive OK until your baby comes home next week. I think we all hate sending them away! hugs

  4. Lovely finishes, they both look beautiful and I love your new block! Pretty label too, hugs Wendy

  5. Congrats - your quilts look terrific! Your new block looks wonderful.

  6. they are both beautiful. but i love the spring colors, have fun my friend . i know what you mean about your sewing machine when my machine tore up and i had to use my sis's till i went and bought my janome , i hated it!

  7. love your Tis the pretty in blues..........

  8. I am very behind on blog reading but I had to tell you how much I love your projects!! I've struggled with big quilts and it makes the price to outsource them seem not quite so bad after all :-). I just love the American Beauty, those colors are so sweet together. Hoping the next few days pass quickly, until your machine is back. That withdrawal pain can be severe!

  9. Beautiful quilt! Hope you survive the withdrawal lol.

  10. Lots of lovely finishes - and love Summertime block