Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A flimsy

At last,after 12 months on this BOM the American Beauty quilt top is complete.
Now to think about putting it together.I am not sure l will be able to quilt it myself as its very large.
I will have a go though.
I have draped it over B's motorbike, that you can see is about half.

Very happy with it, that will be one BOM down,two to go.
It's a glorious sunny day here,still bitterly cold but at least the suns out.
Lilly out for a good long walk,visit to my hairdresser later and my goddaughter is calling in on her way home from work,just my sort of day ,lovely.Of course there will be plenty of sewing this evening.
Have a good day everyone,love from me.xx
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