Saturday, 20 April 2013

New machine

So I went to pick up my machine on Friday and it was not back from the engineer.I couldn't believe it. Apparently he has been so busy he didn't have time to service some of the machines,of course mine was one of those.I thought I was going to faint.I can't get it back till next weekend now.
But all is not lost....Ive Been thinking of having a new machine for a while my Brother is a great machine,it sews great and is an embroidery machine.However,it does not like FMQ.
So,while I was in the shop about to pass out cold,Bri said have a look around.So I did.I really loved the Husquvarna,and it has a FMQ setting,My lovely Brian said ,if you want it I will buy it for you.....well he didn't have to say that twice.
Well that was a rigmarole,we bought the machine ,got home,I was very excited.I make coffee while Bri takes it out the box.....wrong machine ...another trip to the shop(all I want to do is sew) .
After another trip to the shop I finally at 7pm have a sewing machine.
Here she is.Its not a good photo,I took it with my Ipad.

Plenty of catching up to do.
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