Friday, 31 May 2013

Beautiful sunny warm last

It's been a beautiful day ,warm and sunny.Ive taken a few photos in the garden.

Next doors Lilac hangs over my wall and is glorious.
I have taken all these pictures with my Ipad,so can't zoom in for a better shot.

This Peonie is many years old,it's been moved all around the garden over the years.It even grew under the rabbit hutch at one point.

The Maple goes from this pale green to a beautiful deep red by late Autumn.
After all the rain and very cold weather it's a wonder anything is growing,but growing it is ,and looking lovely.

The last pic is of lovely Lilly,chilling in the conservatory,it's one of her favourite spots .Bri had taken her for a very long walk and her little legs were worn out.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.xx

Lovely win

I won this gorgeous giveaway from Sandy at   Loves to quilt.
A beautiful table topper,in the colours I love.

Sandy also included this lovely scissors keeper,and a lovely little pattern.
Thank you very much Sandy,I am indeed a lucky girl.I have just the place for the table topper.x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mystery BOM

The tops complete,I added 4 more blocks.

I hung it outside on the line,but it was bright sunlight and you can't really see the gorgeous colours.
So here it is draped over the sofa.

Really happy with this quilt,lots of imperfections( not good at keeping points pointed) So have to think about quilting it now.
It will be on hold for a while,as my wonderful hubby just happened to mention to his friend that I was going to make new curtains for the camper...yup you got it,I have been roped into making curtains for his camper.
Worse to come,Steve bought normal curtains and wants me to alter them. Well girls,it's not as easy as that is it.Boys.....don't they know its double the work,I have to unpick these darn curtains and make new ones .Oh well that's me for the next few days,and they are horrible grey colour.
Well it will give me a bit of an insight on how to go about mine ,his can be a practice run.If you have a camper you will know the curtains are not straight forward,they have to fit exactly,and have poppers all way round .
Happy days.xx

Friday, 24 May 2013

One Christmas Item. Month

This month has been a busy one for the Dowdall household ,and I've been on catch up for the last few days.So this is what I have made,very quick and easy Santa.I played around with a pattern from a penny rug book,and came  up with this.
It literally two triangles,I have put a pocket on the back,as I did with the snowmen.
I will make a few more for the grandys later.
Laura xx

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Trying to catch up.

Sort of lost the sewing mojo,since Natalie had the baby I've been trying to catch up a bit.
This is the last block of FQS mystery BOM .Needs pressing and trimming.I want to make this quilt bigger to fit down the sides of my bed,so I am considering adding four more blocks.
I've just thought about my one Christmas item,and it's the 21st so will have to get cracking.
When I made the little snowmen last month ,I had an idea for Santa's for this month.
I have this Penny Rug book,and I am using and adapting a pattern from it.

Hopefully on the 25th I will have something to show.
While I was at the sewing machine today,I decided to have a go at finishing this.

I started this weeks ago,wanted to make a small bag for my Ipad and Kindle to live in when we went away in the camper.
This is it.everything fits in nicely.
It looks a bit odd I know,been practising my quilting.

I had a go at a lotus blossom ,don't laugh,I will get better lol.Good job this bag is only going on the camper,it's a bit of a mess really,haha .

I took all these pics with my Ipad,takes better pictures than my camera.
All for now,must get on with that Santa.have a good week.laura xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Note to self... Don't lay your sewing on the floor when you have a dog.I just lay it down to see how it was looking ,and Lilly was on it like a shot.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A lovely win.

This arrived today,a lovely win from Cheryl at.  Cheryl's Cheryl's stitchingsstitchings
Lovely,2 fat quarters a gorgeous stitching pattern,very nice embroidery thread and. A thread keeper.
Very lucky girl,thank you Cheryl.xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all the lovely mums that celebrate today ,a very happy day.xx
Baby's quilt
I had put the top together a few weeks ago,thought I had plenty of time to finish it.
I quilted it and bound it during the week.I bought this lovely striped fabric for the back.
It's ready now for John.

I also managed to do a little stitching during the week,this is going to be a bag to carry my ipad and kindle when we are away in the camper.

The front and back.I stitched it on this lovely linen,

Will have plenty of time to think about the bag when the kids go home.
Whew Im exhausted ,forgotten what hard work youngsters are,and of course I'm an old bird now don't forget LOL.
But they are great kids and a week is a long time to be away from their mum.
Have a great week .laura xx

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Here we are at the hospital,my hubby is the first to hold him.He always says no...I can't hold the baby they are too choice Bri here have him...
Grandma next,he is so tiny and gorgeous ,I love being a granny.He has a huge purple bruise on his forehead ,doctor told Natalie it would soon disappear .
Dad is over the moon,can't stop kissing him.

Big brother Bryce having a hug.

Jayda just wanted a hug from mum.
Natalie looking a bit worse for wear.Its been a long week ,but wasn't he worth it.


Thank you

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and kind thoughts.My week has been a whirl of school runs and washing.....
So,after a very long week,we have a new grandchild.He was born at 8 minuites past midnight today 11th May.
He weighs 5lb 13oz ,not bad for 6weeks early.
Mummy and baby are doing well.They have to stay in hospital to be monitored until Monday,but that's OK.
Here he is.

Going to see him later,take the kids to meet their little brother.
More photos to follow.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Making jewellery

I love making jewellery,and havnt made any for ages.
We went to Earswood Lakes one day last week,there's a lovely little craft farm.Of course I headed straight for the bead shop(well after I had lunch that comes first lol).
I bought a string of lovely Aqua Marine.
I used the Aqua Marine in this necklace and earrings ,along with some lovely silver shell pearls I had in my bead box,what do you think.....

I bought a Dresden plate ruller this week,been practicing with scraps.

I've tried them before using a paper template,not good for me.not bad at all with ruller,nice crisp cut.

Making a couple of cushions.
Going to put thes in the camper if they turn out OK.

Have a good week.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bit more stitching

Two more blocks from FQS mystery BOM, no 10 & 11,only one to go.Getting very excited about this quilt,the colours are gorgeous.This one is going in our bedroom,although my daughter no 1 ,is trying very hard to weedle it from me,( told her I couldn't possibly post it to Oz,)

Another block from SKOW,I decided to stitch this one,instead of appliqué .
This is made with scraps from the above ,it's going on the wall over my bed (eventually )

Pot mats for my youngest daughter,she's very into black & white.

Of course Lilly had to investigate...

It's been a gorgeous week,bright and sunny
The garden has started to wake up. 
This Peony is very old and was given to me 40 years ago .A chap I used to work with gave me a couple of tubers from his mums garden.The mother plant was over a 100 years old then.
We have split it a few times,it just keeps going.Its full of tiny buds.

The Magnolia is at the bottom of the garden,it's a very pretty dark pink.

All for now,will be making jewellery today,it's one of my passions and I havnt made any for ages.
Out tomorrow at a V W show,happy day.
Enjoy your weekend.