Friday, 31 May 2013

Beautiful sunny warm last

It's been a beautiful day ,warm and sunny.Ive taken a few photos in the garden.

Next doors Lilac hangs over my wall and is glorious.
I have taken all these pictures with my Ipad,so can't zoom in for a better shot.

This Peonie is many years old,it's been moved all around the garden over the years.It even grew under the rabbit hutch at one point.

The Maple goes from this pale green to a beautiful deep red by late Autumn.
After all the rain and very cold weather it's a wonder anything is growing,but growing it is ,and looking lovely.

The last pic is of lovely Lilly,chilling in the conservatory,it's one of her favourite spots .Bri had taken her for a very long walk and her little legs were worn out.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.xx
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