Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Trying to catch up.

Sort of lost the sewing mojo,since Natalie had the baby I've been trying to catch up a bit.
This is the last block of FQS mystery BOM .Needs pressing and trimming.I want to make this quilt bigger to fit down the sides of my bed,so I am considering adding four more blocks.
I've just thought about my one Christmas item,and it's the 21st so will have to get cracking.
When I made the little snowmen last month ,I had an idea for Santa's for this month.
I have this Penny Rug book,and I am using and adapting a pattern from it.

Hopefully on the 25th I will have something to show.
While I was at the sewing machine today,I decided to have a go at finishing this.

I started this weeks ago,wanted to make a small bag for my Ipad and Kindle to live in when we went away in the camper.
This is it.everything fits in nicely.
It looks a bit odd I know,been practising my quilting.

I had a go at a lotus blossom ,don't laugh,I will get better lol.Good job this bag is only going on the camper,it's a bit of a mess really,haha .

I took all these pics with my Ipad,takes better pictures than my camera.
All for now,must get on with that Santa.have a good week.laura xx
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