Sunday, 30 June 2013

My bedroom

Finished the cushion covers today,now it's all on the bed.

I had a couple of yards of cream I've used for the small cushions and on the back of all the cushions and pillow shams.
All this made with one BOM( but don't tell the FQShop.)
Quilt,cushion covers pillow shams and a wall hanging,and I still have small scraps,a bag full.

I love it.
Have to make new curtains for our camper now,before I start the next BOM.
The ones in it are very tired looking,so I have some bright fabic to cheer it up a bit.
Few more trips for us during  the summer.
Have a good week everyone .xx

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sunny Saturday

It's a beautiful day here today,warm and sunny.Ive even got washing on the line.
The pumpkin quilt is finished and hanging in the conservatory ,it's bright and cheerful.Hubby thinks it looks great so it must be

After it was hung I realised I had left off the cars that go round the corner of the border.....oh well never mind I can live without them.
The garden is really coming along now.

This lovely clematis grows over the garage.

Thought I would just slip one in of Lilly,this is one of her spots,on the arm of the chair.

I am sewing,and every now and then she makes a grab for it.
My fave spot too,in the living room feet up watching something good on TV a bit of hand sewing ,can't beat it haha.
This is what I was stitching,these are going to be cushion covers,to match the quilt and wall hanging.

Hope to see you all next week,still not convinced about this blooming bloglovin .


No idea what is happening on Monday,very confused,I think I
 have sorted bloglovin but not entirely sure.Computing does not come easy to me.Hope I'm still here on Monday...if not well it was fun.....x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A couple of finishes

 SKOW my way is now hanging on my bedroom wall.

I have left a whole row off the side,I needed it to fit in a certain place so it's my version of the pattern.Im very happy with it.All made with scraps from the quilt BOM below.

Four extra blocks along the side.The FQS are very generous with their kits,I've made mine 4blocks larger and a scrappy quilt,pillow shams to come watch this space.
The back of the quilt

Bright and cheerful .
I need to finish the pumpkin quilt now.It has lots of little buttons ,but none shaped like pumpkins .I couldn't find any anywhere,only Halloween sorts.So I made a few myself,good old Fimo.

This is the best I could do lol.

Just incase you may be thinking I craft all day.....
I did manage to bake a cheese and onion pie for B,it's his favourite.

He even admits that it's as good as his mums....and I put cheese in the pastry and mum diddnt.
I think it was a compliment ,haha.
It's a glorious day here,Bri is off out to his Wednesday motorbike club,so it's a little (a very little)housework for me ,then back to the sewing.
All for now.xx

Monday, 24 June 2013

One Christmas item

This month I have been making a snowman penny rug for my daughter.Its not finished yet,still have to put the penny's round the edge.

Hope to finish it tonight.Of course I will have to make another one before Christmas for my other daughter.

No pattern, just a 16 inch circle and I make a snowman shape by folding a piece of paper and cutting a symmetrical shape.
hope to see you tomorrow with the finished mat.xx

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I don't know how many pairs of scissors I have,I just know its a lot.I couldn't resist these.They will stay with my machine.
Cute or what.

Pull Piggys ear and the tape measure comes out,lol love it(still a daft kid at heart)
Press the button on the back to retract the measure.

Now all I need to do is make sure my granddaughter dosnt see them.haha
My G D is eight and longing to get on my machine,I might just get her a small one for Christmas.She hand sews beautifully ,and is trying to knit.Shes a gorgeous kid,but then I am a bit biased.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Please spare a thought for my dear friends Sue and Kevin ,they live in Calgary Canada  and are flooded out of their house.If you read this Sue,we are praying things improve soon.xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

FQS new mystery BOM

Look what came in the post today,very excited .This one will be for my beautiful girl Nicola,that's if she wants it of  course........
The sashing and backing.

Taking pictures with my ipad,sorry they are not great and you can't see how beautiful the fabrics are.

The first block.
Better get these finished now,before I start.I bet none of you are as messy as me.Here are the three quilts I am working on all at the same time....

Almost finished the binding on the big quilt,would like to have the two wall hanging quilt done before the weekend.
It's scorching today,so the best place for me in indoors sewing,hubby is out at his Wednesday motorbike meeting.
Love from me must get cracking 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Clever boy

 hubby is a genius ,I've always know he was brilliant ,but this time he surpassed himself....
For many years I have longed for a sewing table,A Horne sewing table.  Unfortunately I just don't have the space.I have "issues "with both shoulders,and sewing large items(quilts)becomes a bit of a pain.I can't get a comfortable position ,which is why I want a sewing table.....sigh.....I sew large items at the dining table rather than in my craft room,because I have more space there.Brian came up with this works like a dream woohoo.
This is my dining table,

It opens in the middle to reveal and extra section,

Hubby's idea ,open up and place the sewing machine in the well.
I was a bit sceptic about it ,but tried it anyway.

I have to tell you it works like a dream.
Sewing area is level with the table,it really is brill and much easier on the arms .It looks a bit odd,but it works,Diddnt I tell you he was brilliant.
The quilt is now finished and I will take pics in the daylight .

Thought I would share this one,our baby is now 5weeks old and doing really well.

This is not my favourite picture ,I don't look so good without my make up lol.

Hubby and my gorgeous granddaughter,I absolutely adore this kid.She has just given granddad his Father's Day Card.
All for now,got to put the wall hanging together that goes with my quilt...happy days.xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013


The last few blocks are appliqué,d .
Needs pressing.
Here they are altogether.
Waiting for the edging fabric to arrive then I can finish it.This one is going in the conservatory,is very plain out there and this is nice and bright.
I know the pics are not great,taken with my Ipad,it's raining today so I couldn't hang it outside.
Laura x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A few days away

We had a lovely few days away,the weather was gorgeous hot and sunny.
A few pictures of our travels ,hope not to bore you.
I wonder if my friend Sue can guess where we are...

Well Sue,have you  guessed yet?
Cheddar Gorge,in  Somerset ,lovely place.We had to drive all through the gorge to get to the camp site,OK in the campervan but goodness knows how those big caravans get round those winding bends.
We went to Weston Super Mare,Lilly had her first run on the beach,and she loved it.
Westons rebuilt Pier,it was gutted in a fire about 4 years ago,it is now rebuilt and open to the public.
We couldn't go on because we had Lilly with us and dogs are not allowed.Looks splendid  dosnt   it.

Next was Burnham  on Sea ,a small seaside town.

Had to take this photo.
It really is a tiny Pier.

We walked poor Lilly off her little feet

Now to catch up with some sewing.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

SKOW my way

A few more of these.

So I changed the cat into a dog,because that is what we have.My little dog Lilly.
I've laid them out on the table to see how they look.I am making mine to hang over my bed,so it is going to be a different shape.There are 4 more blocks but I am not making those,I think I will have enough.

I'm standing on a dining chair to take this pic,and Bri is not happy lol.
Will start to put the blocks together soon,have plenty of scraps for the in between bits.
Don't know how it will finally go together,but it's fun playing.
Lou xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Kingsbury Water Park

I love it here,one of my favourite spots.Not too far from home,only half hour drive.
You can have a lovely day out,with over 30 lakes and pools,a children's playground,lots going on.

Plenty of these.

And these.

Lilly loves it,she can run around as much as she likes,here she is having a drink.

A nice shady bit.

The Wisteria outside the cafe and visitors centre is beautiful ,it covers the pergola that is about 20 ft long.

The church in Kingsbury village,across the lake.
Had a lovely day.
See you soon with some sewing to show.xx