Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A couple of finishes

 SKOW my way is now hanging on my bedroom wall.

I have left a whole row off the side,I needed it to fit in a certain place so it's my version of the pattern.Im very happy with it.All made with scraps from the quilt BOM below.

Four extra blocks along the side.The FQS are very generous with their kits,I've made mine 4blocks larger and a scrappy quilt,pillow shams to come watch this space.
The back of the quilt

Bright and cheerful .
I need to finish the pumpkin quilt now.It has lots of little buttons ,but none shaped like pumpkins .I couldn't find any anywhere,only Halloween sorts.So I made a few myself,good old Fimo.

This is the best I could do lol.

Just incase you may be thinking I craft all day.....
I did manage to bake a cheese and onion pie for B,it's his favourite.

He even admits that it's as good as his mums....and I put cheese in the pastry and mum diddnt.
I think it was a compliment ,haha.
It's a glorious day here,Bri is off out to his Wednesday motorbike club,so it's a little (a very little)housework for me ,then back to the sewing.
All for now.xx
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