Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sunny Saturday

It's a beautiful day here today,warm and sunny.Ive even got washing on the line.
The pumpkin quilt is finished and hanging in the conservatory ,it's bright and cheerful.Hubby thinks it looks great so it must be

After it was hung I realised I had left off the cars that go round the corner of the border.....oh well never mind I can live without them.
The garden is really coming along now.

This lovely clematis grows over the garage.

Thought I would just slip one in of Lilly,this is one of her spots,on the arm of the chair.

I am sewing,and every now and then she makes a grab for it.
My fave spot too,in the living room feet up watching something good on TV a bit of hand sewing ,can't beat it haha.
This is what I was stitching,these are going to be cushion covers,to match the quilt and wall hanging.

Hope to see you all next week,still not convinced about this blooming bloglovin .


  1. I love your pumpkin quilt, there's just something about the cherry orange and pumpkins!! Beautiful.

  2. Lovely quilt and Lilly has the right idea :o)
    Let's hope we're all still blogging tomorrow.

  3. love your quilt Laura,well done and what pretty flowers in your garden.xx

  4. I need closeups of the pumpkin quilt!!!! Please!it looks awesome.
    The clematis around here is all in bloom here and it is so pretty. I really need to plant some.


  5. I love your quilt and it looks great hanging there. Lily looks very comfortable. hugs

  6. I am following you on bloglovin