Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Not much going on this week

Very busy doing house type things,so not much sewing.
I have started this though,Scandinavian Rose.
Brian was 65 last November and for his bday 
I bought him a driving experience .He loves the Lamborghin   so that was his chosen car to drive.
I booked this at the beginning of the year,went for the end of July because we thought the weather would be kind to us.
For the last month the weather here has been scorching .His drive was yesterday and this is what we got....yup absolutely lashing down.

Here he is getting in the car.
Coming into the bend
A few laps later.
Just look at the rain.But despite that he had a great time and realy enjoyed himself.
Me....well after two hours standing in the rain I was soaked to the skin  but I didn't mind as long as my  other half had a good time.
Laura xx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Johns mat

Johns mat is finished and ready for him to lay on.he can lay on the floor now and kick his little legs in the air.

I've put it on a cream background .Ive really enjoyed making this,usually dresdens  fill me with dread this one went together OK.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

One Christmas item a month

I have been so busy this month,and away a few times I just havnt got round to a Christmas item.
But I bought this yesterday,grandbaby  Johns advent calendar.
I will make this over July and August .Here it is ready to sew,hopefully for August you will see the finished item.

Off to have a look at your blogs now.
Love Laura.x

John advent calendar

I bought this yesterday,I can't tell you how many advent calendars Ive made over the years,just know its a lot.
So this one is for our latest addition.

John - Juniors advent calendar

I've cut it ready for sewing ,got plenty of time though to get it made.
It's lovely to sit in the evening a do a little hand sewing which I really enjoy these days.( there was a time when I wouldn't of given you a thank you for hand sewing,apart from x stitch)
Look what came today woohoo I'm so excited.I have been searching the www.for a UK 
supplier  for ages finally found one.I adore this quilt,
Rosalie Quinlans Scandinavian Rose block 1&2.

The 1inch squares are a little daunting.lol
I've chosen a lovely dark  rose pink to stitch it with.
Well have to go now and have a play with the Dresden quilt.....happy days.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Full circle

Dresden quilt is in a circle,now I have to decide what to do with it.

You can just see Lilly I had just shooed her off the flippin thing,she has to get in on the act.lol 
I am sure you have seen the news and we are very happy and proud to have a new Prince.We don't know his name yet but it's very exciting.Third in line to the throne.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Half a Dresden

Half way ,looking good so far hope to have the top finished today.

Very hot again today,but we have storms on the way.

I live in a busy town and we don't very often see one of these in the tree in our rd.A bird of prey,I couldn't get close enough o get a good picture I was inside at the time,a bit fed up that I didn't  get his head in.was about to go upstairs for another shot when he spotted one thing and was off.
I have to tell you I was more that a little excited to be so close.B is going o look it up see what it was.
Back to the Dresden.xx

Saturday, 20 July 2013

This and that

Having a play with the Dresden template .

Cut lots of strips and stitched them together.Ive cut my strips 2 1/2 inch and one at 1 1/2 inch.
This pattern uses 40 blades.

Making the the strips long enough to cut two blades.putting them together so they are in two halts then join the two together.That way I hope to have an even spread of colour.(I hope)

Starting to look OK.Its the left over fabric from the pumpkin quilt.

It's going to be very colourful.It is going to be a mat for John  to lay on.
Had another mystery block arrive this week,I havnt cut the first one out yet,better get cracking.

Not much sewing will take place until Monday,the grandys are here for the weekend.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A few days away

Hubby and I packed up the camper and went off to Devon.The weather is hot and sunny and we thought we would just up and go.
Devon is a  beautiful part of the country ,tiny winding rds across the moors. Exmoor is beautiful,although at times I was a little apprehensive (terrified )on those roads  with nothing but hundreds of feet drop and B saying ...open your eyes Lou and enjoy the view....
Exmoor,Lorna Doone country

We stayed in a little place called Lynton and Lynmouth.

I love the sea,don't get there often enough.

I walked up this hill,it was very difficult with my old bones and arthritic knees,lol,but I did it and took a photo to prove it.

B can always find the motorbikes even when they are tucked between other vehicles.he spotted this one and was across the road ,left me talking to myself.....

Our little home from home.
Lilly under my parasol 

This is the cliff lift,it was made in 1888 and still used ,it's driven by water.
It's a good drop,but by far beats walking down I can tell you.
Ilfracombe next, just a little further along the coast.
In England if you go to the coast you just have to have fish & chips.We sat on a sea wall in Ilfracombe eating these while watching the waves roll in,heaven. 
Of course while in Devon you just have to have a cream tea too,

Delicious scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream,mmmm not much dieting being done this week.

The curtains I have been busy making for the camper.There are 8 altogether.
This was in Dunster ,another beautiful English village,
The village Cross Dunster.
A very tired puppy,
She loves to burrow under a blanket daft dog.
Well I hope you have enjoyed our little journey and were not too bored.
Need to catch up with some sewing now,the second mystery block from FQS arrived while I was away and I havnt done the first one yet.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Scorching today

Hot again today.
I have finished the curtains for the camper and hung them,I will take some photos tomorrow when Bri takes it out the garage.Very happy with them.
This is the pile of fabric left over from the Pumpkin quilt,it's huge.

I've had this Dresden template for ages and Ive been longing to have a play with it,it is 18inch long will make a quilt 36 inch across .

So I am going to see what happens,I don't have much luck with Dresden circles they never line up properly.
Enjoy your weekendxx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Another one of these.

Summertime quilt block placed  on ready to sew.

The finished block,this is number 7.its lovely to just sit and stitch one of these when you don't want to use too much brain power.The hardest bit is cutting it all out and setting it on the background.
Very humid today  so still indoors.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Campervan curtains

It's very hot here in the UK,and I'm not a hot weather girl,I'm not complaining ,not after the long winter we had but....whew it's best if I stay indoors with Lilly.
We decided the curtains in the camper were a little faded and dated so I got the job of making new ones.
The camper is over 20 years old so the curtains are very dated.
I chose this.nice and cheerful Tapestry by Fig Tree.

So here they are,it's a pattern that was very popular 20 years ago.
This is what I've chosen.

One made,only 7 to go.
Have a lovely week everyone.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jewellery making

My second favourite craft is making jewellery.I have always loved jewellery,and it's great fun to make your own that way no one else will be waring the same thing.
There's a lovely little bead shop at Earlswood Lakes.

Earlswood  Lakes
It's not far from Hockley Heath were we take Lilly to get her hair cut.So anyway,last time we were there I bought a couple of strings of Chinese Crystal  lovely dark pink Rhodonite   ,orange coral (sustainable harvest,I wouldn't buy it if it wasn't,)and pale pink agate. 
I am having a rest from sewing this week,shoulder problems,so I have sat vey quietly at my workbench and made a couple of necklaces.

As you can see I am a very messy crafter,I try to stay tidy I really do.

This is lemon crystal ,orange coral very pale lemony agate, and large copper beads.
As you can see I love dangly earrings.

Love Rhodonite and these are a good size,I've teamed them up with a very dark red Chinese Crystal.

and of course the dangly earrings.
I like to use semi precious gems,Im not a plastic sort of girl.I don't mind glass but I prefer it to be good glass ( crystal cut)
Well that's been my day,out with my daughter tomorrow.
Lilly has her hair cut end of next week,so looks like I will be paying a visit to the bead shop.
Have a good evening.