Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A few days away

Hubby and I packed up the camper and went off to Devon.The weather is hot and sunny and we thought we would just up and go.
Devon is a  beautiful part of the country ,tiny winding rds across the moors. Exmoor is beautiful,although at times I was a little apprehensive (terrified )on those roads  with nothing but hundreds of feet drop and B saying your eyes Lou and enjoy the view....
Exmoor,Lorna Doone country

We stayed in a little place called Lynton and Lynmouth.

I love the sea,don't get there often enough.

I walked up this hill,it was very difficult with my old bones and arthritic knees,lol,but I did it and took a photo to prove it.

B can always find the motorbikes even when they are tucked between other vehicles.he spotted this one and was across the road ,left me talking to myself.....

Our little home from home.
Lilly under my parasol 

This is the cliff lift,it was made in 1888 and still used ,it's driven by water.
It's a good drop,but by far beats walking down I can tell you.
Ilfracombe next, just a little further along the coast.
In England if you go to the coast you just have to have fish & chips.We sat on a sea wall in Ilfracombe eating these while watching the waves roll in,heaven. 
Of course while in Devon you just have to have a cream tea too,

Delicious scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream,mmmm not much dieting being done this week.

The curtains I have been busy making for the camper.There are 8 altogether.
This was in Dunster ,another beautiful English village,
The village Cross Dunster.
A very tired puppy,
She loves to burrow under a blanket daft dog.
Well I hope you have enjoyed our little journey and were not too bored.
Need to catch up with some sewing now,the second mystery block from FQS arrived while I was away and I havnt done the first one yet.

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