Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jewellery making

My second favourite craft is making jewellery.I have always loved jewellery,and it's great fun to make your own that way no one else will be waring the same thing.
There's a lovely little bead shop at Earlswood Lakes.

Earlswood  Lakes
It's not far from Hockley Heath were we take Lilly to get her hair cut.So anyway,last time we were there I bought a couple of strings of Chinese Crystal  lovely dark pink Rhodonite   ,orange coral (sustainable harvest,I wouldn't buy it if it wasn't,)and pale pink agate. 
I am having a rest from sewing this week,shoulder problems,so I have sat vey quietly at my workbench and made a couple of necklaces.

As you can see I am a very messy crafter,I try to stay tidy I really do.

This is lemon crystal ,orange coral very pale lemony agate, and large copper beads.
As you can see I love dangly earrings.

Love Rhodonite and these are a good size,I've teamed them up with a very dark red Chinese Crystal.

and of course the dangly earrings.
I like to use semi precious gems,Im not a plastic sort of girl.I don't mind glass but I prefer it to be good glass ( crystal cut)
Well that's been my day,out with my daughter tomorrow.
Lilly has her hair cut end of next week,so looks like I will be paying a visit to the bead shop.
Have a good evening.
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