Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Not much going on this week

Very busy doing house type things,so not much sewing.
I have started this though,Scandinavian Rose.
Brian was 65 last November and for his bday 
I bought him a driving experience .He loves the Lamborghin   so that was his chosen car to drive.
I booked this at the beginning of the year,went for the end of July because we thought the weather would be kind to us.
For the last month the weather here has been scorching .His drive was yesterday and this is what we got....yup absolutely lashing down.

Here he is getting in the car.
Coming into the bend
A few laps later.
Just look at the rain.But despite that he had a great time and realy enjoyed himself.
Me....well after two hours standing in the rain I was soaked to the skin  but I didn't mind as long as my  other half had a good time.
Laura xx


  1. Great idea for a gift!! Your stitching is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful redwork, the ride would have been a lot of fun for him.

  3. What a wonderful gift! At least he had a great time. I adore the Scandinavian rose. My friend is doing it but takes a long time in chain stitch.

  4. What an interesting gift! I haven't hear of that before, I sure he really liked it!!