Tuesday, 24 September 2013

One Christmas item a month

This month it's a partridge and a pear from this lovely book.

Blue for my grandson,

The white felt has glitter snowflakes,very pretty.

I will be making pink ones for next month for Jadya,they each have their own small Christmas trees in their bedrooms.

Monday, 23 September 2013


In January I told you about my nephews beautiful baby girl Megan.

Megan got into difficulties during birth,and has cerebral palsy.The prognosis was not good and we did not know if she would survive.
Megan is now 8 months old.
On Saturday I went to a family wedding and had a cuddle with beautiful Megan.

Here she is with her lovely mum.

I really admire this young woman,she is a wonderful mum and at the same time is working towards finishing her degree at uni.She was so tired on Saturday I thought she would fall asleep at the table. 

And laughing with her daddy.
She is coming along well,and only time will tell ,isn't she gorgeous.x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lost my mojo

Can't get settled to anything these days.Since we finished all the work on the old homestead all I want to do is sit with my feet up drinking hot chocolate.
The weather has turned very cold and windy,but we have been promise a few warm days next week.
So,what have I been up to.
A little of this.

Got this block finished.The next two arrived yesterday so they are ganging up on me.
You will notice that I have not done the satin stitch in any of the circles,I did start but wasn't happy with how it looked so unpicked it.I will try again at a later stage but I like it as it is.
That's it in the sewing line but I have been doing this.
My lovely niece will be celebrating her 50th birthday next April and 
I am going to make her a quilt(well that goes without saying lol)
It's going to be a picture quilt and 
I have been busy printing family pictures on to photo fabric.

So far I have these few,the hardest part is collecting photos to copy without Mandy finding out.

This is Mandy with her hubby Todd.
I have a few more ready to print but as usual I have run out of ink sigh.
Well that's it for now,we are off to my daughters to wallpaper my granddaughters bedroom ( whoever said you get bored when you retire was fibbing) haha.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Very excited I have joined this,
SSCS,it's the first time for me and Im very excited.
I have a few ideas,so I better get cracking.

Friday, 6 September 2013

It's a bit cooler today,a drop of rain too the garden is glad of it.
This came today,I plan to make this bag to use for my trip to Italy in November.

I got B a chair for his Birthday(inNovember).He has worked so hard I thought I better get it now.
As you can see Lilly likes it too.

Here she is on the footstool cheeky girl.
Still stitching this,can't see it being finished any time soon.This is block two I have three and four in my work bag,and the next one will be here anytime.
I must tell you a bit about the conversation I had with my lovely daughter,it was on Sunday that's when we phone each other.While we were chatting funerals came into the conversation,I told Nicky that I would like a cardboard coffin as I didn't want them to spend lots of money on something that was going to be cremated.Minimal fuss and Eco friendly,and would they please drape one of my quilts over the coffin...My beautiful girls response ,forget that mummy,not wasting a perfectly good quilt.
haha that's my girl. 
Anyway,hope my quilts are worn out by the time I go .lol.xx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Autumn days

So after 5weeks and 2 days we have the living room back,B has worked his socks off.The floor is now replaced all insulated underneath ,the decorating has been done and yesterday the new carpet was put down.It will take me the rest of the week to put the house straight.
A little bit of sewing was done last week,another one of these,Summertime block

Only 3 left to do.
Also this ,no 3 mystery BOM.
Loving this the colours are very pretty.

I love Autumn,the nights are drawing in but the days are still warm and sunny.
The Maple in my garden is turning this glorious red.

All for now.Laura xx