Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Autumn days

So after 5weeks and 2 days we have the living room back,B has worked his socks off.The floor is now replaced all insulated underneath ,the decorating has been done and yesterday the new carpet was put down.It will take me the rest of the week to put the house straight.
A little bit of sewing was done last week,another one of these,Summertime block

Only 3 left to do.
Also this ,no 3 mystery BOM.
Loving this the colours are very pretty.

I love Autumn,the nights are drawing in but the days are still warm and sunny.
The Maple in my garden is turning this glorious red.

All for now.Laura xx


  1. Love your summertime block...so cute, and your mystery BOM has gorgeous fabrics!

  2. Very nice, glad Bri has a chance to rest, you work him too hard LOL, send me some pics

  3. of the decorating please 😊

  4. Love the summertime block - very fresh. Also like the mystery block - direct contrast to the summer block fabrics (wintery I think!!). Autumn and spring are such interesting seasons with everything changing!

  5. lovely work Laura,your renovating sounds fantastic,we are just coming into spring here and we cant wait for the warmer days.xx

  6. Love Love Love Autumn Too! Both blocks are precious! Congratulations on getting your L.R. back in order!

  7. I do like the way the black background makes the colours stand out.

  8. HI!Laura. It must be great getting yor Liveing room finished. Rest time now!!. Love the pretty BOM and the summertime blocks are lovely, can't wait to see what you do with them all.