Friday, 6 September 2013

It's a bit cooler today,a drop of rain too the garden is glad of it.
This came today,I plan to make this bag to use for my trip to Italy in November.

I got B a chair for his Birthday(inNovember).He has worked so hard I thought I better get it now.
As you can see Lilly likes it too.

Here she is on the footstool cheeky girl.
Still stitching this,can't see it being finished any time soon.This is block two I have three and four in my work bag,and the next one will be here anytime.
I must tell you a bit about the conversation I had with my lovely daughter,it was on Sunday that's when we phone each other.While we were chatting funerals came into the conversation,I told Nicky that I would like a cardboard coffin as I didn't want them to spend lots of money on something that was going to be cremated.Minimal fuss and Eco friendly,and would they please drape one of my quilts over the coffin...My beautiful girls response ,forget that mummy,not wasting a perfectly good quilt.
haha that's my girl. 
Anyway,hope my quilts are worn out by the time I go .lol.xx
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