Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lost my mojo

Can't get settled to anything these days.Since we finished all the work on the old homestead all I want to do is sit with my feet up drinking hot chocolate.
The weather has turned very cold and windy,but we have been promise a few warm days next week.
So,what have I been up to.
A little of this.

Got this block finished.The next two arrived yesterday so they are ganging up on me.
You will notice that I have not done the satin stitch in any of the circles,I did start but wasn't happy with how it looked so unpicked it.I will try again at a later stage but I like it as it is.
That's it in the sewing line but I have been doing this.
My lovely niece will be celebrating her 50th birthday next April and 
I am going to make her a quilt(well that goes without saying lol)
It's going to be a picture quilt and 
I have been busy printing family pictures on to photo fabric.

So far I have these few,the hardest part is collecting photos to copy without Mandy finding out.

This is Mandy with her hubby Todd.
I have a few more ready to print but as usual I have run out of ink sigh.
Well that's it for now,we are off to my daughters to wallpaper my granddaughters bedroom ( whoever said you get bored when you retire was fibbing) haha.

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