Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lost my mojo

Can't get settled to anything these days.Since we finished all the work on the old homestead all I want to do is sit with my feet up drinking hot chocolate.
The weather has turned very cold and windy,but we have been promise a few warm days next week.
So,what have I been up to.
A little of this.

Got this block finished.The next two arrived yesterday so they are ganging up on me.
You will notice that I have not done the satin stitch in any of the circles,I did start but wasn't happy with how it looked so unpicked it.I will try again at a later stage but I like it as it is.
That's it in the sewing line but I have been doing this.
My lovely niece will be celebrating her 50th birthday next April and 
I am going to make her a quilt(well that goes without saying lol)
It's going to be a picture quilt and 
I have been busy printing family pictures on to photo fabric.

So far I have these few,the hardest part is collecting photos to copy without Mandy finding out.

This is Mandy with her hubby Todd.
I have a few more ready to print but as usual I have run out of ink sigh.
Well that's it for now,we are off to my daughters to wallpaper my granddaughters bedroom ( whoever said you get bored when you retire was fibbing) haha.


  1. Photo quilts make a lovely gift. I did one for my DIL's 40th. Had my son sneek some photos to me so I could add them to the quilt. She loved it. Your niece will love hers too. Love your red work. Hugs.....

  2. I think we all lose our mojo at various times - it will come back. How special will a photo quilt be for your niece - a lucky girl indeed!

  3. Oh my goodness, can't believe she will be 50!
    The quilt will be lovely, she'll be so pleas.
    Hope you find Mojo soon xxx

  4. I do hope that your Mojo comes back soon. With the Satin stitch I always find it better (for me) if I start in t he middle and work out one way then come back and work the other half. Love your blocks, your ahead of me now :) have fun with the wallpaper. hugs

  5. embroidery is looking great! and I LOVE photo quilts. I have used bits and pieces in some but never a whole photo quilt. will be excited to see how it progresses.
    have fun!

  6. What a lovely gesture in the quilt. I'm sure she will adore it. I still really like that Rosalie Quinlan stitchery. It looks fine without the satin stitch although Leanne Beasley taught us a good way at her stitching day - outline in back stitch just inside the shape then do satin stitch round the outside / on the line of the shape. Does that make sense?

  7. Maybe after all that hard work you need some unwinding time. I do the same thing from time to time. You're so tired that just having a rest is what you need to get your mojo back.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. Your stitchery looks beautiful, all the best with your new project!!

  9. i missed this last week but i am all fixed now, can get your comments,lovexxx