Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bit of sewing this week

Finished the Christmas cards so did a little sewing.
These two got finished,
Still a lot more to do....

Gifts in the SSCS,as I said I opened the ornaments and B has whisked the rest away untill Chrismas.
How well my dear hubby knows me lol,these chubby little fingers of mine would be itching for weeks if I put the gifts under the tree haha.

Summertime block ready to sew.I think this is no/11.

Lilly.....loves her dad.

And the Water Park.

Thought I would share this with you,a young swan doing a bit of fishing.

Lilly loves a run around,she is a sweet little girl.When she has had enough she comes back and waits for her lead to go back on.

Cut this out today,
No idea who will end up with it,but it was in the sale at FQS,and well....I can't resist a bargain.
All for now .
Laura xx
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