Thursday, 26 December 2013


I was spoiled by Cheryll,this was my first SSCS and I was bowled over by my lovely parcel.

First item was this beautiful thread catcher,I love it.
Lovely pincushion
Needle case

My daughter lives in Australia and Cheryll thought I would like an Australian themed gift,she was right  isn't it lovely Santa & Rudolf splashing about.
Thread holder and thread
Lovely ribbon(I put ribbon on everything so it will be well used)
Buttons,can never have too many of those.
Cheryll did her homework and knew I love to make jewellery so included this great kit to make a brooch,watch this space you will see it soon.
A scissor keeper and chocolate.
Erm there was more chocolate ,but it jumped right into my mouth before I had time to take a's true I tell you LOL.

I am one lucky girl and love all of my gifts ,thank you so much Cheryll.
Love from me.xx
Ps hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to 2014.
Lou xx

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas

My last post before Christmas,hope you are all ready.
So what have I been up to...
Have this ready to stitch

The last block

Another block from FQS mystery BOM,this is number 6.

This has been hanging around for ages,finally finished it.Christmas Dresden .
Here it on on the back of the sofa.
This is what happened to before it got on the sofa,put it on the floor to have a look at it,and it was immediately

Cut this out ready to sew.

Well my lovely friends I hope you all have a very happy peaceful Christmas .and joyous New Year.
Love and good wishes to you all.
Laura xx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One Christmas item a month

Ive really enjoyed taking part in this,and achieved a lot, so
I thought I would share all the things I made throughout the year.

Tis The Season Quilt.On its way to my daughter in Australia.

A tote bag,on its way to a friend
Hand towels,I made two but one was pinched ages ago lol.
The other is in my bathroom.
Candle mat,on its way to daughter.

Snow people for grandys

Santa for John Junior

Advent calender also for John.

Tree decs,pink for Jayda ,a partridge and pear.

And blue for Bryce

Christmas Angels for my younger daughter.
So there you have it,many thanks to Narelle for hosting this sewing group,would love to do it again next year.
Laura xx

Almost ready for Christmas.

Finished the shopping,posted the parcels,chill out a bit now.

Stitched this ,

Only one left to do,then it's the boarder.
I am looking out for a sewing group to join next year,so who's doing what.It would be lovely to do 1 Christmas item again.
We are going out for lunch today,both been so poorly havnt been anywhere for ages.
All good now so off we go .
Laura xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wet and very windy across the UK

Shocking day today,very windy it would blow you over.
Had a terrible begging to my week.was very sick with an awful tummy bug.So lost two days between bed and the loo,well that's enough of
I have made another hat

Into hats at the mo,I have loads of sewing to do,several blocks cut out ,but can't find the motivation right now.
So it's crochet hats,started this today,love this pretty heather shade,I don't have a pattern ,thought I would just see where I end  up (probably in a big mess) .

So now I feel OK ,poor Bri is in bed.Very rare for him to catch anything,Lilly is laying outside the bedroom door.
Off the catch up with your blogs now, 
TTFN.Laura xx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Busy week.

Here there and everywhere this week,so not a lot of sewing being done.went to see my darling brother Ray,and sister in law Margearet,they are both keeping going,Both in their 80s.
I started this,another block of Scandinavian Rose.
I've just taken this picture with my Ipad,so it's not great.
So girls how do you sew,I have tried hoops of all sizes ,but when I am doing back stitch or chain stitch I find it's much neater without a hoop.
Jayda and I did a little crafting,she wanted to make place mats for Christmas.

I wish I had taken pictures of them as they were great.We each have our own mat with our names on and decorated by Jay,then I laminated them.

Bryce was jumping up and down trying to get in the picture.
Here he is gorgeous boy.

I just love being a granny.
Our baby,he's coming on nicely ,almost 7 months now.

Soup making this week,it's very chilly here now,so a nice bowl of soup is order of the day,this is sweet potato and leeks.
This next one is my fave,carrot and beetroot,I make a huge pot of this and freeze it in good size portions,it's one of Bri's faves too.
This is the drop that diddnt get frozen ,ready to eat with yummy crusty bread.
So that's been my week,not a lot of sewing but plenty of everything else,and next week is going to be the same,you have to get loads of visiting in this time of year.
Have a good week everyone.
Love from