Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wet and very windy across the UK

Shocking day today,very windy it would blow you over.
Had a terrible begging to my week.was very sick with an awful tummy bug.So lost two days between bed and the loo,well that's enough of
I have made another hat

Into hats at the mo,I have loads of sewing to do,several blocks cut out ,but can't find the motivation right now.
So it's crochet hats,started this today,love this pretty heather shade,I don't have a pattern ,thought I would just see where I end  up (probably in a big mess) .

So now I feel OK ,poor Bri is in bed.Very rare for him to catch anything,Lilly is laying outside the bedroom door.
Off the catch up with your blogs now, 
TTFN.Laura xx

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