Thursday, 31 January 2013

Summertime quilt

Block 1, loved stitching this,I am very fond of felt,it's so easy to work with.
Here's block 2 on the way.cut out ready do glue down before stitching.
A couple of things in mind for the ! Christmas item a month group.....
I have stiched a couple more blocks of SKOW,they need pressing and a photo taken,will put them on next time. Have a good day everyone,stay safe. love from me.xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

This and that

Another block from FQS,this is number 8 .
My hot water bottles (can't go to bed without one this cold weather)needed new covers,the old furry ones were a bit threadbare.So I made new ones with scrap fabric scraps of batting.very happy now,even hubby was impressed .
Pumpkinsville blocks 4 and 5 ,and the first row of cars.Really loving this quilt sofar.
Bris had me turning up jeans this week,not my favourite job. We have had loads of snow,but it's turning to rain now,and washing away fast. love from me.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Christmas item no 1

My first Christmas make is this tote bag.I used an embroidery from Tis the Season,but made the bag up as I went along. The outside of the bag is Christmas fabric,the inside I like to use calico as its a bit stronger. Very simple bag,you make the inside longer than the outside so you can turn it over at the top.Stitch round top,sew on the handles .very easy. I also know whose getting this one,may make a couple more during the year.
laura x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

lots of snow

Last week was not a good week for me.It started OK, and I did a little sewing,I finished my first Christmas item and will poste picture on 24th. Mid week I fell over and hurt evrything sigh.....It was before the snow started,I was taking my pup for her hair cut and I tripped up the curb outsiide my friends house ,went like a tonn of bricks.Not good when your 64 .Well I won't go into details,bu Im a bit battered.Hubby and friend scooped me up.Sue administered 1st aid.Dignity in tatters ... I have been keeping up with all your posts,and have picked up the needle today,hopefully to start catching up with my needle turn. Won't be going far with snow around,Have to go to the vets for Lilly's stuff ,but I thing Brian will go alone,Dosnt trust me to stand on my own two feet LOL. Love from me.xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

we had snow but it didnt last long

Hi everyone,yes we did have a little snow,but it soon washed away.I have joined this group on Pins and Whiskers,its to make 1 item for Christmas month and show on 24th each month.Thing for gifts or whatever. My first item is Christmasy,I dont think they have to be,just items made for gifts to ease the work at Christmas.
This pattern is from Tis the Season ,I am making the tote bag.I am only loosely following the pattern. I have am inability to follow a pattern through,I just cant help it, always have to change something,or I get half way through and change my mind completely... So hers what I think I might do.
I stitched the hexis for the side strip.then thoght oh I think I will make it a little bigger,anyway I have the fabric layed out and hope to have it ready to show on the 24th. Made another block for my SKOW quilt.As I am using left over fabric from my mystery BOB,I have decided to complete all the blocks and the decide what to do with the boarder bits in between.
Also joined this,I love love love working with felt,and this is such a pretty pattern,just waiting for my black felt to arrive so I can get started.
Isnt it just yummy. my family friends in Australia,hoping you are all safe from these awful Fires. I know my daughter lives manny miles away from the fires,but Im a mum and I still worry. love Lou xxx

Memory Monday

I loved my teenage years,don't we all think our time was the best. I was a teen during the 60s,my parents Didn't know what had hit them. All that makeup ,my mum would say.....and skirts up to her backside....But mum everyone dresses like this,and our role models were Twiggy(Lesley Hornby)and the Shrimp (Jean Shrimpton). I loved The Beatles The Rolling Stones and many more(and still do) There was a disco on every corner in those days.Every pub had a dance floor. I didn't drink ,but loved to dance the night away.
Broad Heath Girls School,1964,its such a long time ago,but I can remember all their names, I am on the back row 2nd in from the right.How young we were and full of expectations. This next photo was taken at the bottom fo our garden.
from left to right is,Yvonne who lived next door,me in the middle and Joyce who lived 4 doors away. friends all our lives,grew up along side each other.Sadley Joyce is no longer with us ,she died 12 years ago .She battled breast cancer for best part of 20 years,having one breast removed in her late 30s.It got her in the end.Lets pray we can get shut of this terrible killer one day soon. My teenage years passed in a happy whirl,both Joyce and Yvonne married very young,both 19 when they got wed,I waited till I was 29. This next photo is a day out with friends.A coach trip to Blackpool I am 2nd from the left ,happy days.
the last 2 photo are with a bunch of friends ,this was taken in 1967 and I was 19 years old.
I am the one with long black hair...I have mousy brown hair,and dyed it black for years..Now im an old lady I have highlights......
The world seemed to explode in the 60s,people changed .The 50s was still in the aftermath of war.Young people wanted moer from life in the 60s,and some of them did very strange things. I am happy to say I was a ordinary girl with a good Christian upbringing.Very fortunate that I came from a loving family . I am really enjoying trawling through my albums ,walking down memory lane. have a good week everyone,stay safe. Laura xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Caught up with my BOMs,2 from the cotton patch and 1 from Fat Quarter Shop.

finished a little baby quilt for a new one arriving soon,
Baby is due at the end of the month,My friends second granddaughter.
and stitched through my finger nail....bugger bugger.
Now I know it dosnt look much,but it hurt .... a lot. Now I cant tell you what was yelled by me at the time,you would be shocked. Still wet here. I hope all my friends and family in Australia are safe. love from me xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Memory Monday

It has to be my lovely dad this week,Arthur William Harris.Born in 1917,he was almost 5 years my mums junior.
Ha was born on The Isle of White,but spent his younger years in India where my granddad was serving in the Army.

In this picture is my Grandma Laura Jane(who I was named after)my dad standing and my Uncle George on grans lap.yes ,George is in a frock,thats how they dressed boys back then.
He's was a great character my dad,and everyone loved him.
He served with the Royal Artillery during WW2,and spent 5years in Burma and India,and said he saw such sights he never wanted to go abroad again.....nor did he.
He met and married my mum (a widow  with 3 children) and had 3more (he said he had to even up the score)
All the kids in our rd loved him,he would take my brothers and I on bike rides and all the children would follow.Up and down the rd,you could hear,mum,Arthur's going on a bike ride can we go with him.There would be 10 or 12 boys and girls all following dad,with our jam sandwiches and bottles of water.
I can remember screaming with laughter when he lost his false teeth in the sea.That particular joke was on us,it was in the 50s and he had a few teeth on a small plate.The plate was loose,and it was in the pocket of his shorts.....we were having a great time rolling in the waves looking for something that wasn't there.
I could go on and on.
He was a wonderful Dad  ,and we had a great childhood .We didn't have a lot of money,but plenty of love and good times.
Mum & Dad taken in Rhyl 1962. till next time. Laura xx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy days

I gave in....what to you may ask.The fat quarter Shop Mystery BOM 2013.
I tried very hard to resist,but a couple of you girls persuaded me.(Sharon& Tracy)
So now it's only Jan and
I can't wait for it to start.As if I havnt got enough to do LOL.I am  writing this on my Ipad,and I don't know how to get photos up on this.
Having big probs with my laptop think it is now time to give in and have a new one.I really should have taken up hubby's offer before Christmas.
 I said no..I would wait,so he got me a Nook HD tablet instead(it's great by the way).
Enjoy your Weekend everyone.
Laura xx

computer problems again grrr

This block is block 3 pumpkinsville.
Lilly under the Christmas tree...
My lovely granddaughter Jayda Alexia,they came Christmas Eve.
My gorgeous grandson Bryce Tyler
as soon as they come in the door,thats it Lilly just cant get enough of Bryce.
They love having their photo taken,unlike my daughter who hides when the camera comes out. well this has taken 1 hour 20 mins and now I have a headache. xxxlaura

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New year

New Year Resolutions..........about 10years ago,I made a New Years resolution ,it was to never ever make any more,and I havnt,why.....because I always felt such a failure when I broke them.
So,no promises from me,just getting on with life to th best of my ability.
This is what Ineed to catch up with,2 cotton patch blocks,
And mystery block.

I started to make blocks from Annie Downs some kind of wonderful,I did the old Jeans with some old blue scraps I had,now I have changed my mind...
You get such a lovely lot of fabric with The Fat Quarter shop BOMs ,that I have now decided to make the blocks with that.I had cream (always have cream in my box) to use for the base .
So here are the first 4 (this I what I sat doing over Christmas and New Year).

we call them cup cakes in the UK,so I have changed the name.

I left the' Blue' off
Hopefully,the Mystery quilt will go on my bed,and Some Kind of Wonderful will hang on the wall above my bed.( in my minds eye it's looks great,fingers crossed)
Apart from the 3 BOMs I am in,I am NOT buying  any, erm ,much fabric this year,as I am saving hard to go to Australia to see my daughter ,later in the year.
Like all of you,I have a mountin of fabric I should use up,also I really fancy making a scrappy quilt.

Yesterday was sweet Lillys 1st birthday,love this pup....

A couple of months ago I showed pics of Tonys half made Birthday Card,Its finised and ready to post.

It does stand up,Ive laid it flat to take pics,cant get them all in when standing.He will be 40,so he has 1 engine and 40 carriages.....

Hope he likes it.
Till next time,love from me.