Wednesday, 27 February 2013

bits of this and bits of that

Hi all,it's glorious here today,lovely and sunny,still cold but that's OK,just glad to be above ground....

This is the finishing kit for FQS mystery BOM ,all ready or the chop.

After a few hours,with check,double check,and check again to be sure you are cutting the correct
Colour and sizes,Tra la,drum roll please it's all cut and ready to go.
 This next one is no11 from The American Beauty,woohoo only one to go.

Another Pumpkin block.

No 3 ,of summertime.I think ive said before,I love stitching these, I could just sit every evening and do these,lovely.

Mind you,I like stitching these too.

All for now see you soon.
Laura xx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

1 Christmas item

this month for my 1 Christmas item a month,Pins and WhiskersI have made a couple of hand towels,I first saw these on Shez's blog enjoying life

So here they are,ready for the Chrismas box.I loved making these,I may make a couple of baby ones,they make a nice gift.
Laura x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spring is in the air

It's beautiful here today,the sky is blue and the sun is shining.Still cold,but that's OK. Took pup Lilly for a walk in the park and we saw these....snowdrops. Reminded me of a song I learned when I was in primary school 60years ago(Dosnt sound too bad when you say it fast lol) I wonder if any of you sang it.

 It's rather dark in the earth today
Said one little bulb to his brother
But I thought I heard a sunbeam say
You must strive and grow Till you find a way
 So they nestled close to each other
And they struggled and toiled Through day and night
Till two little snowdrops in green and white
 Came out of the darkness and into the light
 And Gently kissed one another

If I have any of the words wrong ,well it was a long time ago..... Got a few things on the go at the mo,another block from SKOW,ice cream .

 I have started tis the season,and yes I know it's Redwork,but Im doing mine blue . I have lots of red Christmas stuff,so thought I would have a change.

This came this morning,block 9 mystery Bom from fat quarter shop.

cant beleive its block 9 already,hope to have it finished and on my bed by summer.

this was going to be something else,but me being me changed my mind ,and stuffed it in with loads of other stuff.Found it at the weekend and thought I would make this instesd.So now its on my dining table....for now.

This last pic is of my fave flower,last week when I was a bit down,my friend bought me these to cheer me up.

all for now,stay safe everyone
love Laura.
have a lovely picture of Megan just arried on my phone,will post it here when I figure out how.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Memory Monday...Ray

As today is my darling brothers birthday,I thought I would dedicate this post to him. Raymond Whykes,my gorgeous big bro. his birthday card.

 We don't have many photos of Ray as a child,Mum was a widow with 3 kids,last thing on her mind was a camera. We do have a few  pics of him as a young man ,this first pic is Ray about 20 years old,at the coast.

 With one of his many beloved motorbikes.

 He went to art school for a short while,he had the idea in his head that he would be painting and drawing all day.Had a bit of a shock to find out other kinds of lessons were involved. So at 17 years he went into The Paras (The Parachute Regiment)and for a time served in the SAS.(Special Air Services) This was taken in the 50s when he was serving in Aden.

 He married Margaret and they have a daughter Amanda.

Ever the romantic,here he is with a picture of Margaret over his heart.

 As I said,Ray is an artist,and when he retired he turned his hand to cake making and decorating. Ray has a folder full of pictures,I only have this one,the last cake he made was this one for my youngest brothers wedding, 3 years ago.

He has suffered with Parkinsons for the last 4 years,so Terrys cake was a bit of a struggle.Determination made him finish bit.
We all went to Mandys for lunch yesterday to celebrate ,he is keeping well,gets very frustrated because he is unable to run around as he used to.Very upset because he can no longer drive and has to be collected.But you know, who minds,its our pleasure.

Ray with his cake,not sure what he's thinking..................

Me with Mandy ,Rays daughter.I do wish they wouldnt take my photo unawares,especially with my own camara....(my litt brother is the culprit)

Me and my baby brother Terry.
We had a lovey few hours together.
Happy Birthday darling Ray.
Hope we are all still here in 10 years to celebrate your 90th.
Laura xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This and that

We have all sorts of things going on in the family at the moment.Some Happy and some not so happy. Sunday will be my oldest brothers 80th birthday,finishing off his card today,will show tomorrow. Have a few blocks made,this first one is number 2 of Summertime,and I love it.
Really enjoying these too.SKOW.
I am going to see baby Megan on Friday and will take her quilt with me. Must get going now and finish Rays card(he would be wounded if I gave him a bought one lol) wherever you are stay safe. by for now Lou xx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Megan's blanket

I have made a few (blankets of love)for our local baby unit in the last couple of years,I had no idea I would be making one for a family member.I wanted to make the quilt quickly,so no complicated patchwork.
I can't go into any details at this time,just to say Megan was born on the 27th January and is very poorly. If you are praying people,please pray for my dear nephew and his partner,Megans their first baby.They are very brave and coping well. Laura xx

Friday, 1 February 2013


three more blocks. I am going to make all the blocks ,and then decide how to put them together. I want the quilt to fit over my bed,so will have to change the size.The size it is will go down behind my headboard,so I need to make it less deep and more wide ,if you see what I mean...should be fun.It will mean a bit of jiggling about.
yummy chocs
I love red shoes and have several pairs,even my walking boots are red.Of course I dont have these killer heels LOL,I fall over in flats....
Daisey I am going to trace a couple more later today. love from me ..