Friday, 23 August 2013

One Christmas item a month

John-Juniors advent calender.

I don't think he will have any sweets in his this year,but granny will fill it next year.x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Still warm here

Still very warm here,we have had a really lovely summer .
The living room still looks like this.
We had a little damp  in this corner,these houses are 100 years old with no cavity wall so sometimes damp gets through.

Bri has been working very hard,we have been 3 weeks now without a floor.
The rest of the house looks like this.

We have stuff piled all over the place.
Bit of repair work on the walls.
I have managed to do a bit of sewing,havnt been able to blog the Internet has been off ,trying to catch up with you all now.
I made these tie backs for my bedroom to go with everything else.

The pattern for this is on my last post ,I used a couple of fat quarters and scraps to make it .I plan to make one for my friend for Chritmas.

Lots of pockets  ,I left out the zip on the small pocket(because I did not have one at home)the long zip is there.
It was lovely to make but not happy with the curved corners I may leave them straight on the next one.

Block number eight.

Lastly,this came today block 3 mystery BOM I think I see a bit of a theme emerging here,baskets.
So that's me up to date.
Have a lovely from me.x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Busy week in the Dowdall household.

We have no floor in the living room at the minute,B is replacing it..So we have a huge hole and the furniture (we have far too much) is piled up all over the place.So Im in my little space doing a bit of sewing,and every now and then I go down stairs to make him a coffee and make sure he is OK.
I've started to make a few blocks for a scrappy quilt ,it's for a dear friend who has had a rough time this year.Irene has been in and out of hospital all year they really can't decide what is wrong with her.She always admires my work so this will be a nice surprise for her.
The first few blocks 

They are all going to be like these.

I bought this pattern this week don't know if I'll ever get round to making it.

But it looks like a nice work bag.

I managed to put together the first two blocks of the mystery quilt.

Gorgeous ,love the colours in this one ,its for my daughter Nicky.There was a mini charm pack with the first block so I have made a pot holder to send to Nicky so she she can see whats going in her quilt.

Another one of these glued down ready to sew.
Have to get on with the sewing now,as soon as Brian's finished the floor I will be hanging wall paper.
Love from me.xx