Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bit of sewing this week

Finished the Christmas cards so did a little sewing.
These two got finished,
Still a lot more to do....

Gifts in the SSCS,as I said I opened the ornaments and B has whisked the rest away untill Chrismas.
How well my dear hubby knows me lol,these chubby little fingers of mine would be itching for weeks if I put the gifts under the tree haha.

Summertime block ready to sew.I think this is no/11.

Lilly.....loves her dad.

And the Water Park.

Thought I would share this with you,a young swan doing a bit of fishing.

Lilly loves a run around,she is a sweet little girl.When she has had enough she comes back and waits for her lead to go back on.

Cut this out today,
No idea who will end up with it,but it was in the sale at FQS,and well....I can't resist a bargain.
All for now .
Laura xx

Saturday, 23 November 2013


The postman dropped this off today,so exciting.x

One Christmas item

Posting about it a couple of days early,will be putting my decs up this weekend and I may forget to do this post.
This month I made these,no sewing beading instead.I love beads ,make lots of jewellery so when I saw this kit I just had to have it.

These packets are jammed ful of beads.

Lovely angels,my daughter has her eye on these.

Here they are in a row on my fireplace.

I've enjoyed this group,I am going to check on all I have made over the year and start to give it to the people they were made for.


Monday, 18 November 2013

This and that

We had a few days away for our birthdays and anniversary .Weymouth on the south coast.I love the seaside.

It was beautiful when we arrived,blue sky's ,lovely.
The next day we had this...

These were taken from the car,this lovely place is called Sea View!!!

Bri wanted to visit the Tank museum at Bovington,he had a great time.I had a quick look round then found a nice chair and sat and read my kindle lol.

That's Bri inside this one.
These tanks are huge ,can you imagine those poor men stuck in one of these in the extreme heat.
There are over 200 tanks in the museum ,from all counties, it was very interesting.
Got a chance to wear mt hat.not telling you the rude comment I had from
Been making Christmas cards this weekend.

I don't know about you,but I am a very messy crafter.

Love this one,I have a lovely pointsetia die for my bigshot.I cut six and put them in a circle.

My birthday was spent with the kids.(but it was me that spent all day cooking haha)

Well that's it for now,a little sewing to share tomorrow .xx

Monday, 4 November 2013

Bit of crochet this week.

It's turning cold this last week,so thought it was time to make my winter hat.I bought several balls of wool and decided on this pink for this hat.
Found this great site called garnstudio and the patterns are free to download .

Love this one,turned up brim and a big flower on the side.Just my sort of thing.

A little of this ,they are ganging up on me now,lord knows when this will ever get finished.

Well Saturday will be my 65th birthday,we had planned to go to Italy for two weeks in Lake Garda.Unfortunately the coach tour company cancelled the trip due to  lack of numbers.To say I was gutted would be an understatement .We have decided to have a few days in Weymouth instead.It won't be nice and warm like Italy but I like Weymouth and havnt been for years.
The photos were taken with my ipad so not great.
Have a good week everyone.
Laura xx