Sunday, 9 November 2014

Happy days

Here I am in beautiful Australia visiting my lovely daughter.
Our first day out was a trip to Melbourne.

Taking a lovely walk round the botanical gardens.

Striking a pose haha

On Saturday we went to the races.

On the train.

These two gorgeous guys are Tony and hubby.

We backed plenty of loses haha.

Sunday was my birthday,went shopping in the morning with Nicky,spent the afternoon in the spa ( heaven)and to top it off Nicky made a full roast with all the trimmings,wonderful day.

Off to the beach today,and back in the spa later.xx

Monday, 13 October 2014

This and that

Three weeks since my last post,time flys.
This is what I've been up to.

Two more pairs of these,for my friends girls.One loves anything goth the other loves  vintage,the top pair are actually glittery black and deep purple,they look a blue in the picture.

I just had to have one of these

Loom maxi,great fun and super quick blocks,this is my trial run with some left over red yarn.

I can see me making lots of things with this.

These slipper socks are for my daughter very warm and cosy.

I have started Over the river and loving it,very relaxing using only black no colour change to worry about.Its a beautiful pattern.

Another pattern.....

This cutey was a very quick make,will make two more now,

My grandsons birthday cake.Ive seen this made a few times,had to make one for Bryce he loves diggers and construction vehicles.He will be 7 on Wednesday but we won't see him so he's having his cake tomorrow.
The weather ....oh my but its got cold very fast.t shirts one day thermals the next.Had to get my thermal vests out don't usually until December ,must be getting old.
Hope you are all having a good day wherever you

Sunday, 21 September 2014

1 Christmas item a month

When I joined Narrelle at the beginning of the year I decided to make this quilt.I don't think I would have made it without doing it in monthly portions.
Now it's finished I totally love it.

I used Polycotton for the back,I'm not a fan of poly it's very slippy.I washed it twise to soften it up a bit.
I really like the pattern so went for it.
Not to bad in the end but I think washing it helped a lot.

It's a lovely bright cheerful quilt.
Thanks again to Narelle for hosting.
Have a good week all.xx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A little finish

Finally put this table runner together,love how it turned out.

Finished another pair of these,this pair are for me.
 These are nice and snuggly,fed up of buying slipper,so decided to crochet a few pairs for the colder wearther.

Couple of evenings and they are made,and you can throw them in the washing machine.

Ten different styles in here.

This is a pattern I have been trying to buy for a long time,couldn't find anyone in tha UK that stocks it.In the end I had to send for it from USA.I do get a bit fed up as it costs me double the amount because of postage.
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmas house we go.Cant wait to start this it will keep me busy over the winter months.( it will be here before we know it)

This is for a friend,

No matter how many times I make the twister quilt I love it.
I usually use a layer cake,this time I decided to use just two colours and a darker shade for the boarders .had this cut stitched ,cut and stitched again today,so I now have a flimsy .Cant decide wether to put cream or pink on the back.Whatever I decide will have to wait a couple of weeks as I need to finish other stuf before November.
All for now.
Laura x

Sunday, 7 September 2014


In a couple of months I will be giving my beautiful daughter a big hug....and after two and a half years better believe it will be a BIG hug.
Have a good week everyone.xx
Ps it's me and B going out there ..These are our E tickets..whoop woop.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

This and that

On my own this week,B has gone on a motorbike trip to France with his Club.They are riding to Millau in the south to see the bridge in the sky.Its a long ride,I couldn't do it now,couldn't sit on the bike that long ,my joints wouldn't like it.
Don't  much like being on my own and I'm a terrible worrier.
Been keeping busy with decorating crocheting and a bit of stitching.

The two end panls of the table runner have been stitched and I can now put it together

Amigurumi animals are growing.

This is supposed to be a cat....

Aren't they cute.
The weather has warmed up and it's been glorious last couple of days,this always happens in September when the children go back to school after their summer hols.
Lovely a Autumnal mornings and evenings,I love this season.
Enjoy the rest of you're week.
X Lou 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


There's Eight in the book,and I plan to make them all and sit them on the guest bed.
Making the teddy first,in pink.

Photos taken with my Ipad so colours not great.The colours on the unfinished teddy are more true to life.

Here she is,finished her tonight ,I am looking for yellow yarn now there's a lovely giraffe I'd like to make next.
It's cooling down fast here,Autumn is definately in the air.Hopefully we will have some good days in September,it's usually pretty good when the schools start back.
Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Very cool here this week.
Finished Nickys cardigan,it looks much better in the real.Its a pale pinkish shade called shell.
I've got a little thing going with these, wrist warmers for the cooler days .

These are for Nicky,there she is in the photo.

These are for a friends birthday.I think all my girlfriends will be receiving these for Christmas..
I've made a couple of table mats for the camper.

I couldn't resist this crochet book,Animal Amigurumi,can't wait to make a few of these,they are all lovely..

This little chap came for the weekend,he loves Lilly but Granny is always in control,Lilly is a gentle little girl but you never know .

A bit of wild life,this is what we have been up to most of the summer,walking around the parks.

Our lovely little Lilly,she gets up on the sofa at every opportunity .
How can she sleep like that,upside down.