Saturday, 25 January 2014

A finish

Got the binding on this during the week.

I've started another one of these bags I love them,this one is for me.
Had this large piece of fabric left over from the campervan curtains ,so this one is the same inside and out.

The orange is for the trims.

Another one of these stitched,
And the next one started.
It's a wet dreary day here so it's load up the slow cooker ,and spent the day in the sewing room.

Have a lovely Australia Day .
Laura xx


  1. Boy love that quilt Laura and boy you sure have been busy,love all your work,well done.xx

  2. Very nice love the bag, keep up the good work xxx

  3. Love the colouring in your quilt.
    You've been busy busy :o)

  4. Sounds like a fabulous day! A day in the sewing room. Beautiful quilt and look forward to seeing your next bag finished.

  5. lovely quilt and red work , hope the weather gets better. I WANT spring. wont get it for a while will i

  6. Very productive at your place Laura. LOVE your quilt

  7. You have been busy, your quilt is beautiful and I love your stitching. xx