Monday, 20 January 2014

Beautiful day.

Glorious day bright and sunny.We went to Burton Dassett,not far from us only 30mins driving.
It was Lilly's first visit and she had a great time running up and down the hills.

She is a sweet little thing,always comes straight back when we call her,and she is watching us all the time to make sure we are not too far away.

Really wet and muddy,so had to stay on the paths,but we had a lovely couple of hours.
Bet it's been a long time since you were there Sue Pickwell.

Pinned this.(my least fave thing to do)

Quilted it yesterday ,(my usual wobbly lines)hope to get the binding on sometime this week,out with my daughter tomorrow(that always costs me a fortune) lol.

Since October I have managed to lose 28lb,I would like to lose another 28lb this year.I am not going to kill myself trying to lose weight just taking it nice and steady one day at a time.
The jars are my incentive ,they have beads in them one for each 1/2 lb.They start off in one jar and get moved to the other with each 1/2 lb off.They are in the going jar at the moment hopefully they will all end up in the gone jar(wish me luck as I usually end up in the ditch).
Have a lovely week everyone.
Stay cool (Australia,hope if you need rain you get a drop)
Keep warm (Canada America )
Stay warm and dry (UK)
Hope that covers it.
Lou xx
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