Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The twister

NHad a lovely layer cake called 30s playtime Chloe's Closet
I wanted to make a lap quilt for Bs Aunty ,she's been poorly and it may just cheer her up a bit.
I used my twister ruler

Got the flimsy together  on Sunday ,the weather has been awful here very wet and windy ,so stayed in and stitched.Need to sort out the batting and the back now.

This quilt takes 36 squares ,the 6 left over squares were turned into a blanket for Lilly's bed.

Another work bag was made at the weekend too.

and it's already in use.Love this bag it has so many pockets,8 in total,I didn't put pen holders in,I put a pocket there instead,I'm always afraid the pens will leak all over my work .
Enjoy your week,Lou.xx


  1. lovely quilt , i have never tried the twister, may some day

  2. I like the twisters as well, nice bag, I have one just like it!

  3. your quilt looks fantastic Laura and love that bag,you sure have been busy,well done.xx

  4. Love the Twister Quilt - it has turned out really well; and I love the work bag - is there a pattern available for this or is it your own creation??

  5. So productive. I saw those twisty rulers in use the other day. They still look complicated to me. The quilt is beautiful - so is Lily's. And what a handy work back. I agree with the pen issue.

  6. Such a lovely layer cake Laura and your quilt is just lovely. And that bag looks so handy

  7. I am so in love with the 30's playtime. Your quilt looks great. You inspire me, I may have to try and make a twister.

  8. you do so much, i am just chugging alone, started my hunter star blocks and they take forever because i always have to rip seams out