Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Happy birthday Jay

My gorgeous granddaughter had her 9th birthday yesterday.She came to us last Thursday and she made her cake.

Lots of mixing and adding the pink..
It got pinker.

The finished cake was covered in melted chocolate and pink sprinkles,she took it home with her and they ate it at the weekend.
While she was with us we took her to the pub for dinner.
I bought her a pair of PJs with JLS (boy band)on the front of the top.Jayda loved them she wore them to the pub,told me they looked like leggings and a top and no one would know they were PJs,I love this kid...

Enjoying her pudding in the Bulls Head.
So on Sunday I made her second cake,she wanted pop cakes on the top so that's what she got.

We love this little baker,pop cakes from start to finish in 10 mins,the kids love them.

The cake.....oh my what a .... Victoria Sponge covered in pink fondant,a multitude of cake pops stuck in the top and the whole thing drizzled with icing.For some reason she picked a blue candle.
Well my grandys loved it,bit sweet for me and B.
Laura xx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

One Christmas item.

Three more blocks for my quilt,reigndeer.One of them is Rudolph.

nine of them on this quilt .
There are 16 blocks and lots of other things so will have to make more than one a month.

Laura xx

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines day

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine Day,
This is my gift from B.


Aunty Valerie's quilt is finished and on its way to Wales,we wanted to take it ourselves but would have to try and get through several flooded towns,so in went in the post instead.

Another one of these 
Into my stride with these now,I think theres six to do still.Every evening sit relax and stitch these ,easy with no colour change.

A blast from the past....I worked with these three boys way back in the sixties.They were always together,very different cultures Noel and Nick had both came  to England as teenagers,what a handsome trio .
From left,Noel from the West Indies,Nick from Italy and the English boy Brian on the right,who I later married.This was taken in 1966 when they were all 18 .The picture came to me this week from Nick and I was thrilled with it,this is how I remember tham all. (all retired now)
All for now Laura xx

Monday, 10 February 2014

Easter bunnys

Penny rug,love this one

A cute little bunny.
This one won't take long but all the eggs round the edge might get a bit tiresome lol.

Another one of these,this is no 8
I may start to put them together soon.
I've been busy sewing my Christmas item and will show a bit later in the month.

It's still raining here,the country is in a terrible mess.We are lucky where we are,although it's rained for 6weeks,Coventry is in a valley and sheltered .
It's pretty grim elsewhere.
I will stay home and sew,I'm lucky.x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Still raining

Many parts of the country are still under water,many villages in Somerset Devon & Cornwall are still cut off.Many homes flooded and more storms to come.this has been going on since before Christmas.

People are still being evacuated  and others have been out of their homes since before Christmas.
The weather has gone mad,we are having these terrible storms and others are having intense heat and no rain for years.
So wherever you are my friends I hope you are all safe and well.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Another one of these stitched,still havnt done the satin stitch.
I've been collecting and transferring photos to fabric for my nieces quilt for a while now,and I have put the top together.
Very happy with it have to think about backing now,I'm going for cream.Her birthday is two months away so I have plenty of time,just glad to have the top finished.

It looks a bit orange on these pictures,although I have a very good camera we have poor light at the moment(and I don't  know how to use the camera yet)

The lovely boy on the left is her grandson.

It's very random,no big plans I just lay them all out to see how they fell in with each other.If I was making another one of these I would probably print all the photos the same size.

I've been having a play with this ,marbling on fabric,great fun I have not done any of this for ages.

I shall practice a few patterns then I plan to make some blocks for a quilt,have lots of white to play with,happy days.
All for now Laura x